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FayA and what ICU really means!!


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I've looked everywhere and cannot find where it says Missy Fay is going to have to spend a MONTH in ICU :shock:

But I did figure out what ICU stands for. You ready?


Knowing our Fay...it won't end up being a month. She'll drive them up a wall trying to get sprung, won't you, Fay?

Lobbing eggs into the bedpan across the room...gluing feathers on the doctor's lab coat as he leans over the patient in the next bed...hollering "C*CK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOOOOOOOO" every morning promptly at 4:45 a.m...screaming, "OMIGOD, IT'S COUSIN GEORGE!!!" when they serve her one over easy for breakfast.

Oh, no....Fay won't be there a month. They'll knock themselves out to get her up and running so they can send her home!! :roll: And can we blame them?

She'll be the only patient in the hospital with a chicken-yellow school bus parked in the ICU lot, full of loud and wild misfits wearing plastic wattles around their necks, eating pulled pork sandwiches and waddling up and down the hospital halls at all hours of the night and day! 8)

Don't get too comfy, Fay. The nurses are dedicated to getting YOU (and US) out of there ASAP! :wink:

(Edited to add...as I laugh my a$$ off, that when I submitted this...apparently A-DOODLE-DOO is alright...but the first word in what a rooster says is "Word not allowed".....so I had to insert an asterisk....all the while chuckling like a....well, like an old hen :roll: .....over...."WORD NOT ALLOWED-A-DOODLE-DOO!! :lol: )

Don't ever say the censors around here don't have a sense of humor, folks!! Or maybe everything just seems funny at 3:11 a.m., eh? :roll:

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not sleeping much, huh? well your lack of sleep is our benefit - rarely do I laugh this hard while at work this early in the AM. hilarious - a-doodle-d0, indeed.

oh, btw, I think fay is in the hospital for a month but not the icu?


addie = 8)



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Addie, although I feel terrible that you can't sleep, I have to let you know that the laughs I got from this post almost make me glad you were awake!! You can really come up with some great things! I hope you're awake the next time I'm really down in the dumps!!!!

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