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Getting to Know You - August 25


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This is such a tough question for me, as I'm usually very conservative with money. Well, since I can't save any, I would buy a couple of things for me and my family and then donate the rest to Katie and Rick for LCSC. I think I would definitely have to run out and buy one of the new little Ford Thunderbirds! I just think they're so cute. I would buy a plane ticket that would just allow me to travel for about a month. I would just hop on board and fly to the areas where some of you live and give hugs in person when needed!I just think of some of the great things LCSC could do with major bucks....like having laptops to loan to our members when they are hospitalized for a month!!!

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Ok Ann, you took the high road with donating it to LCSC, so I'll be greedy.

I would pay off my children's houses and then get a screened in porch on the back of my house and then I would book a Mediterranean cruise and a Scandinavian cruise and then and then and then ........

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I would buy mostly services with a million dollars.

including... but not limited to, a chef, someone to drive me around the lake in my little fishing boat, put it in and out of the water and help me get in and out of the boat. A big bathtub with bars so that I could pull myself out after sudsing up. A big feather bed with lots of down pillows and luxury sheets. Someone who could wheel me around when I am not up to walking. Someone who could push me into walking when I am feeling lazy. Medications. All that I need. Good medical care. All that I need. Friends airfare to come to see me. Or an easy going cruise across the ocean to see them: one that wouldn't zap my strength or stamina. A good haircut. A chair-lift for Justakid...one that zips her right up the stairs. Someone to spock out who needs help with living expenses with this disease and then help them/him /her.

Lots to charity. Third world hungry children would do it for me.

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Ann you have a wonderful mind to think of such question's and now on to my answer..The first thing i would like to believe i would do is i would give 10% to my Church. I would of course help our children but not so much that they would take it for granite and forget how to take care of there own live's.I would also take all of the nurses here at our cancer center out for a great meal for appreaciation.And of course buy my wife what ever her heart desires.....

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I would buy myself a house, and one for my daughter. I would then buy myself a new car, and buy a huge van for my daughter and her family. Then I would buy furniture for both houses, book an Alaskan cruise for me & my sister, a Disneyworld vacation for me, my son, my daughter and family, a Vegas vacation for me and my friend Charles, and a few long weekend vacations just for ME. Oh, and I'd join Ginny on her Scandinavian cruise hoping for a cabin boy named Sven.

Anything left over I would give to charity. 8)

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I would pay off #1 son's mortgage and second mortgage, and make sure he and his girl have the wedding of their dreams. Then I would pay off #2 son's student loans for grad school.

I would find/buy/contract to build a house with a main floor master and a room for me to do my crafts and store yarn, fabric, other grimple I need for crafting.

I'd secure college for my DH's two grandsons. I'd make a major donation to a couple of pet shelters and rescue groups, our town library (which is 40% funded by donations/fund raisers!!) and then I'd buy hubby a Porsche convertible and buy the two of us a TWO WEEK STAY AT PEBBLE BEACH WITH ALL THE GOLF WE CAN PLAY....TAKING A FEW FRIENDS ALONG WITH US SO WE HAVE A FOURSOME WE ENJOY! :wink:

If there was anything left at the end of the day...well then just before closing, I'd hit the jewelry store and get me the biggest honkin' Ceylon sapphire set in platinum with diamonds, that I could afford.

And anything left after that, I'd split between Praxair Cancer Center in Danbury and LChelp!! 8)

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I would buy myself a new house.

My husband a house.-Across town- oh well he can keep the old house.

I would buy my two daughters a house.

Put some money away for my grandkids college.

Donate some money to LCSC.

Donate some money to Lungevity.

Looks like I need more than a million.

Best Wishes,


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pay off my student loans (still six figures)

pay off David the Irish's 2004 Harley Davidson :roll:

buy Suki a bigger place to live

buy dad a place to live (versus renting)

buy brother a car, and insurance for life

visit Brat

then split whatever is left between LCSC and shoes :lol:

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A million bucks????

First... I would buy my Mom a condo near me so she could still keep her house, but stay up by me whenever she wanted to....

Second... I would pay off some old bills...

Set up a college fund for my soon to be grandbaby

Redecorate my whole house

and probably not do much else... you know the old saying "money can't buy happiness"... I have found this to be very true...

The things I want most in life, money can't buy....

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One million dollars...hmmm...

I'd pay someone to decorate, but to my taste, not theirs (someone to do all the WORK! LOL). I still have some white rooms and the furniture isn't right for the rooms...

I'd pay off my house and the vehicles. THEN, I'd hire a crew to landscape because I'm getting da*n tired of tilling and shoveling and raking...

MAYBE I'd put in a heated driveway, I live in the Great White North, after all...

I like the plane ticket idea. Even before joining this board I had friends in all corners of the world. I'd also book a cruise to the British Isles...

...and if Katie needs office space, I'd give her some. Since she works from home, I'd attach it to her house somehow and making it functional and soothing and KID FRIENDLY!

College funds sound good, but if all my other bills are paid off, paying for college won't hurt so bad! After all, it's just a million, it's not like I can quit my job - I need the insurance!

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My son is building his house with his own two hands. He is down to a little bit of exterior work and finishing the floors. He has done a great job but is worried about paying for it long term. He had to have a kidney transplant 3 years ago and is not in great health. I would pay it off, buy my daughter a bigger home, finance my two grandchildren's college.

After that, if I had any left, I would landscape our yard, have someone decorate the inside of the house and build some storage space.

The rest I would pay off all of our bills, which aren't that much right now (are you sure I can't save some for my old age?). Give some to my church, and the rest to LCSC.

When I look at my list I see that I probably have already spent way too much but it is a "wish list" ..right? :oops:


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