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A certain post was made recently that got many of us worked up and upset, but you know when this desease called Lung Cancer hit's some time's the Frustration of our now only too apparent immortality become's only to obvious. In such a atmosphere we tend to start Blaming any number of thing's as to the reason of. My Wife's first thought's and still are, is she done this to her self even after the Doctor told her that her smoking was not the case necessarily.My Wife blame's her smoking but she does not buy into the political correct belief's that blame Cigarette maker's of some secret plan to make us all smoke. As she point's out there doing no more or less than anyone else trying to sell there good's.Like we've both said we chose to smoke and no one twisted our arm's and made us smoke as we both knew it sure as hell was not healthy. I could go on a dissertation on how booze causes cancer, Auto accident's,, murders, marriage break up's and so on.But there is no out cry to ban licquer or massive law suit's against the Alcohol industry and why, maybe it's the fact that most people take a drink now and then and see no harm in it. The point i'm trying to make is the blame game gain's nothing to improve OUR live's but just ad's anger to our live's where as that energy could be used in better way's.I'll end this with this, and that is the word's of the Apostle John and that is Pray For one another and love one another....

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Larry, I really enjoyed reading your post and I think I left with a valuable message. For much of my life, I was one that always had to find something or someone to blame when things didn't go as I thought they should. When Dennis was diagnosed, I was very angry. I was angry with everyone...about everything. I so wanted to find something to blame his illness on. In the end, there seemed to be only two people I could blame and I couldn't be angry with either of them. I blamed Dennis for not taking better care of himself and for never listening to me when I tried and stress the importance of regular doctor visits and check ups. I also blamed him for not stopping smoking 30 years prior to his diagnosis. After I realized I couldn't be angry with Dennis, I began to blame God. How could God do this to us? How could He be a loving and compassionate God and allow my husband such pain and suffering? Then, I realized I couldn't blame God, because He would surely punish me and would definitely take Dennis from me. Well, finally I was able to accept the blow we had been dealt and I stopped looking for reasons or people to blame. I have always heard that "everything happens for a reason." I have really never been able to yet find a reason in Dennis's untimely death but I do know that I learned a big lesson about acceptance!

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