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Tim's Update


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Tim started new chemo on Thurs. Now he's getting Carbo and Gemzar and will receive it for 12 weeks. He had a baseline CT-the 1st since his lung surgery-and it showed several "indistinct opacities" and a 6 MM nodule in his right lung". The report stated that they could be related to previous surgery and radiation, although early metastasis cannot be excluded. How's scary is that!

The onc says that he would get the chemo anyway, no matter what the CT showed, so not to worry too much about the report. The next CT is more important and will show if anything has grown or shrunk.

So, I don't know what to think. All I can do is make sure Tim is eating well and getting his rest. I have to leave the rest to the chemo and to God and the onc.

I'll let you know how things progress. He's not having too many problems with the chem, and I hope that continues.


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So glad tim can get two different meds in his chemo. my buddy is to weak for two which per the dr has a sometimes better outcome. But what will be will be.

We sure can't worry about something we have no control over. We must just put our loved ones in God's hands and hope and pray.

My buddy starts Taxotere come Tuesday. Sure do hope it doesn't take him down now that he seems to be holding his weight at 163lbs.

God bless you and Tim....

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Dear Annie

my scan reports always say something scary---this is every time I go ---I had one that read "spot in lung suspicious of metastic cancer" and it was gone by the next scan---another said prominence in hilum" and the surgeon said it was just from the surgery

I do not even read my reports anymore ---as they are very subjective; especially if the same radioligist is not reading the scans

regards and hope that Tim continues to tolerate the chemo


stage 1A

lobectomy 6/00---3 yrs cancer free

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