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Much relief!!!!!! Good news!!!


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I'm still new to the boards, so please forgive me if I am posting things in the wrong sections

I posted last week about my moms upcoming cat scans. She got the results today...

61% smaller!!!!!!!!!!!!

The drs are in shock, the family is jumping for joy

She started chemo July 23rd. So far she has recieved 2 rounds of Taxol/Carbo. She gets them every 4 weeks. She is in a trial and gets a biotherapy drug once a week (Irbitux)

In other words, in one (1) month her tumor has shrunk by 61%. They had warned us before the scans that it was really too early to expect a change. Boy.....did my mom show them!!! I don't know what this means for the future, but for now we feel a lot of hope and a lot of thanks.

Also to note....she has gone in for reflexology treatments (foot massage therapy) She will continue this as well since whatever she is doing seems to be working

Thank you all for the help and support you have given me already. As always, I am hoping for the best for everyone here!!!!

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Thank you all for the encouragement. Its strange....but I didnt know how to feel posting the news. I dont want to upset those who are having a tough go of it at the moment, but also want to inspire people with some good news.

Know what I mean? Ironically, this is the inbetween I feel all the time in life lately

I am so very proud of my mom. She is handling this all so well and even though she has her ups and downs, her attitude has been strong and positive. She is also working on healing past 'emotional wounds' which is a blessing for many reasons.

I personally feel that emotional scars can make us ill (the word disease broken down means not at ease) I'm a spiritual person and kind of see her illness as a result of not airing some of the hurt she has had over the years. This of course might be a really simplicitc way of looking at it (as I know there are many other factors!!!) but the mind/body connection is very real. I think if she heals her heart and her soul, her body will follow. Hey.....it couldnt do any harm in either case

Wishing everyone well~ j

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Wonderful news---next time may it be 100% gone!!!

and good for your Mom for handling her treatments so well---It could not be easy for her and you have every right to be proud of her!

best wishes

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How did I miss such great news?


Enjoy your joy, friend; that's why it's given to you! :D I'm sure there are times when we each feel a twinge of envy or self-pity when we read someone else's great news, but for the most part I think good news lifts spirits and reminds us there is hope.


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I'm so glad I've found this kind hearted group of people!!!

Thank you for the encouragement and I will keep you updated of course

I pray that I will have more good news to share with you next month

I hope you all have good news to share as well.. I mean that from the bottom of my heart

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