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Not Looking GOOD for Cancer treatments.

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I dont beleave it connie look at you. here is some facts:


There are nearly 9 million Americans alive with a history of cancer, some considered cured, others in remission or under treatment.

The five-year relative survival rate for all cancers is currently 62%. This figure represents people who are living five years after diagnosis, whether they are disease-free, in remission, or under treatment with evidence of cancer.

those doctors are just quiters. If you go into the asco web site they have hope every day.

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Hi Ray and Katie,

I'm with you two. I found this article to be somewhat disturbing as well.

I and a few others are going to write the Editor regarding this article. Sometimes these Newspapers SHOCK me with the crap they print. But, I just had to share this with everyone. Sadly enough, there ARE doctor's out here that ARE QUITERS like you said Ray, and we need to stop those kind of people in there tracks.

It's just like the study they are doing on lung cancer patients with CT scan's verses X-rays. Many doctor's DON'T beleive that CT scans are a good tool for early detection for lung cancer. HELLO???? Then I say, FIND SOMETHING THAT IS!!! But, I know many doctor's that feel X-rays are OUR worst enemy in detecting lung cancer, and these doctor's are fighting to get CT scans approved in early detection for lung cancer. (THANK GOD)! But, they are dealing with Dr. DOOM to get this very important issue changed.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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I'm not crazy about the doom-and-gloom tone of the article either. The whole thing could have been written in a more optimistic way, emphasizing this one sentence near the end:

...a few key pathways will prove important in many kinds of cancer, and drugs will be created to effectively block them.

Yippee! This sounds like progress to me! I'm chalking it up to one reporter's "spin" and choosing to believe in progress.

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Hi Connie

This past July 10 I was at a Cancer Treatment Center about an hour away registering for my very first Chemo treatment the next day.I had to go between two different offices filling out paperwork,getting lab work done,etc.In between,I read a handout magazine there called "Cancer Care Health Monitor".The cover story was called "Chemotherapy for Advanced Lung Cancer".The story was anything but encouraging.It said that,with treatment the average survival time was 8 months,without treatment 6 months.I was dx'ed with NSCLC mat. to lymph nodes,inoperable, on June 5 of this year.(It took that long to get my first chemo scheduled,but that's another story).If I had taken that article on face value,I think I would wonder if I wanted to go through all the side-effects and risks of treatment.I would wonder if it was really worth it.

I chose to ignore an article based on past statistics.We are all human beings.We are not stats to be filed away in some dusty desk drawer.

I have decided that I have too many reasons to beat this thing and LIVE.

I have had pain in my right arm for months.The very first night after chemo the pain was noticably decreased.My wife said it was the first time I hadn't moaned all night.

I have read here,and have heard in my personal life,over and over how so many are beating the odds and living on well past the 8 months,and into years.I just got a very nice card from a friend of a friend who fought brain cancer,almost died from radiation,and came out of it.He is cancer free.He stated that I am where he was at 7 Years ago.

I will start my second chemo treament in the a.m.

I am a little nervous.I am a little afraid.

But I am determined to beat this thing.I am hoping that for everyone who has lung cancer,or any type of cancer,who reads a discouraging article based on past statistics,they will have the strength and will to see beyond the stats and fight with all their power to overcome the cancer.

I know it can be hell and torture,and my journey has just begun,but I do plan to "meet" you all as another surviver.

Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead!

Healing thoughts and wishes for all.


Aka "Grampa Bear"

Husband of "Grammy Bear"

Dx NSCLC 3B Mat.to lymph nodes on right side lung and mid chest


started clinical study Taxotere and Carboplatin on 7/11/03

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So good to remind each other that people are more than numbers. Human determination, personal faith, and the love and support of family and friends can do SO much! In researching SCLC after my FIL's diagnosis I wondered how many folks see the stats and just give up hope???

Not folks here! We have the HOPE cheer squad led by Connie, Ray and Gary among others! I am praying hard that Ray's and Gary's determination and positive attitude will inspire other cancer fighters wherever they go, and I pray someone like Ray, Connie, or Gary will help keep my FIL inspired to beat this thing again!

Ray, I agree, we should all 'grow up' to be like Connie! :lol:

Both you and Gary will be in my prayers as you gear up for the next battle.

~Karen M

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Guest DaveG

Then you take someone like myself, who is undergoing treatment. I am 4 cycles into a 6 cycle regimen of carbo/taxol with all the hope in the world for at least remission. Because of side effects, I am dumped from the clinical trial I was on, but am not that disappointed as the chemo will continue and there are other trials.

As many of you know, my oncologist is Dr. Joan Schiller, a woman and a doctor, who lives on hope for her patients. I have heard her speak at two conferences and she exhudes confidence with all the research she is doing for lung cancer. She wants the cure, not a placebo, but the cure. She doesn't want just remission she wants the cure. She will tell you that she can't cure you - right now - but she is going to get you life. I know she would argue the issue.

I for one join Conie and all the others in cheering for the cure.

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Funny thing, for some odd reason when I was going through my chemo and radiation treatments, I honestly was not afraid to go through them. I had more fear in the fact that I thought I would die no matter what! WRONG!!!! :wink::D I have never been a FAN of any of the so called Stats that deal with lung cancer. Only because NOW I know MANY that have beaten the odds (me being one of them)! Back when I went through my ordeal, I wasn't afraid of the stats, more so I was afraid of the fact that My FAMILY Stats were more fearful to me then anything. No one in my family had beaten those odds. But, I guess you could say I broke that cycle. Although they didn't have a LOT of the treatments back when my dad, mom and sister went through there battles either. :(

I tend to get OUTRAGED when I read crap like that article that I have shared with the board. I get mad because there are many doctor's out here that DON'T give us HOPE or a CHANCE to try and beat this crud. And I also get mad at the people who work at the News Papers that feel this kind of crap is NEWS WORTHY! Obviously they are not a cancer SURVIVOR or CAREGIVE to one. I know there is a reality side to all this cancer stuff, but I also know there is HOPE and RESEARCH going on all the time in the battle of ALL cancers. Who the HELL is ANYONE to say, that they don't see a cure in the future? I think they said the same thing about POLIO! hummmmmmm!!!! :?

Stay Strong Gary, because I see NO REASON you can't beat the odds just like SO MANY OF US HAVE!!! You keep that determination and by golly you'll do just fine with your chemo's. I didn't have a lot of side effects from my chemo and radiation treatments. Just some minor stuff is all. I know a lot of people that didn't have any major problems as well. You'll do just fine my friend!!

And Karen, Bless your heart for all your sweet and kind words. I REALLY DO HOPE AND PRAY that EVERYONE can GROW UP AND BE LIKE ME TOO! (BOY, I never thought I would say that in my life time)! :)

Sadly Karen, A LOT of people read those stats and DO give up. I have heard those comments many a time in my own Lung Cancer Support Group. BUT...... I don't waste a second in telling them where to stick those STATS, and I don't mean close to someones ear. :roll: I also tell my people to STOP reading that CRAP, because it's sooooo outdated and they never tell you the age group of these stats, and so many other issues that go with them. That's why we have to CHANGE the WORLD'S thinking process on Surviving Lung Cancer. They did it with other cancers and by GOD it can be done with Lung Cancer TOO!

I think we need to let our News Papers and TV News Stations and anyone else who wants to report the negative stuff to STOP IT!! Just my 2 cents worth.

I wish you ALL GOOD HEALTH and LONG SURVIVORSHIP in beating this BEAST that lurks within so many of us. And I for one an sticking with my GUT feelings that SOMEDAY SOON we WILL HAVE A CURE!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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