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Hello all-

Just a quick update. Our sweet Rachel is not doing well- she has been unresponsive for two days now and I think (and pray) that it is just a matter of time before she takes the final step of her journey. I know that whatever is waiting for her on the"otherside" is better than what is presently here.

Stan continues to be absolutely fantastic- What a guy! She is getting cared for very well right here in her home, jsut the way she wanted and this is because he has been able to do such a fantastic job in dealing with it all.

Ole is being the dedicated loving companion as always and does not roam far from her- when he is outside he sits atop the hot tub cover and can see her through the sliding glass doors. When he is inside, he is by her bed-

Her family is doing as well as can be expected and being very strong -how I hope I never have to watch one of my children go through something like this-

I don't know if I have already expressed the "good" (if we can find any...) that comes from all of this and that is that we have all had the chance to let her know how much she is loved by all of us and by all of you-

The more important piece to it all is that she appears to be comfortable-

I have been blessed with a very special friendship for many, many years and look forward to meeting up with her on the "otherside" and lifting our glasses to our loved ones (make mine a Cosmo and hers a Brandy please...) and to all of our friends that we have made via this list. Thank you again, so very much for all the comfort and support that you have all offered to us all over these past two years. You made a difference and I have made it a point to give this website address to several of the physicians I have worked with here and to friends who have friends who have friends that need our support-

I will try to update again in a few days-

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This breaks my heart. She is such a wonderful person, very warm. My two best girlfriends came to help out when we had the Michigan Bash and they adored Rachel. In the middle of the party I found her in the kitchen with them helping with the dishes. Oh I am so sorry for you and her family...I am sorry for us all.

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My heart is heavy for all of you, Susan....you and all of Rachel's family. :(

I know the value of a long time, special best friend...and I so admire your dedication to Rachel and also how you come here to keep us posted. It can't be easy to watch..let alone have to relate here.

Rachel is a special gal. I'm glad she's at home surrounded by love...but I wish like anything that this wasn't happening to her. :(

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