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Thank you, God, for safety glass. I was on the freeway with my son riding shotgun and something larger than a stone hit the windshield. The sound was sickening, not the "ping" of the stone nick, but a "clunk" and a "crackle". Following the trajectory of the object, were it not for the sturdiness of safety glass, my son would have gotten this foreign object right about the center of his forehead along with shards of glass.

As it is, there are rings on the windshield around the point of impact the size of a baseball and a slightly indented space. Scary to contemplate the couldabeens...

This was the first time I drove my husband's new truck, see if I ever get the keys again...

Automobiles have come a long way in the safety department and I truly appreciate that today.

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Wow, Becky, that was a scary incident! I guess we don't always stop and think about all the new, improved safety features in cars these days. Thank God you and your son weren't injured!

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