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Charlie Update #47 - addition


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I send out periodic emails to a long list of family, friends, coworkers, church friends, etc. My email update this afternoon:

Just got back from the hospital. The bronchoscopy went well and Charlie is a candidate for the endobrachytherapy (radioactive seeds placed in his bronchial tube). It has been tentatively scheduled for Sept. 12th with his chemo. to follow on Sept. 13th - Sept. 15th. I appreciated the many encouraging email replies from the last update(s). Haven't had a chance to respond to them. What a week! What a month! Please continue your thoughts, prayers, etc., etc. They are much appreciated. Take care and God Bless!



Just wanted to add another bit of information that isn't so good. We got the PET/CT scan written report yesterday. Three of the tumors are VERY aggressive. The SUVs are 15.8 (the one in the bronchial tube), 10.2 and 8.1, respectively. Anybody ever heard of such a high reading at 15.8? I was devastated by it last night. Really needed the good news of today. Praying that the chemo. slows the tumors down and that the seeding does the job on that monster one.

Thanks to you all for your prayers, support and love. Thanks for reading. I feel like I have really been a burden lately. Take care.

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