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Groups to help peo. living alone-drivers,..on L.I.

gail p-m

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I'm spending most of the summer, Sept and part of Oct. helping my Dad out. I live 3,000 miles away and have a husband and kids (youngest is 17) there. My Mom has passed away. Before this, my sister had spent a lot of time with him but she was out of sick leave, vacation time... As of right now, we don't know how effective the chemo has been.. (He has only had 2 rounds). Chances are he will need more at some point and I know this is a roller coaster ride. We will be at the point in Oct, certainly sometime in the future where we need to look for outside help.

Will start on the phone tomorrow to find resources. Just wondering if anyone, esp. on Long Island, knows of agencies that will drive people to doctor's appts, chemotherapy... My father will occasionally need some temporary live-in help esp. after chemo. sessions and am wondering where to start looking into that. I hate to have to go this route but I don't know what else to do. I love my Dad very much but I also have a job at home, a family ... I wish I could take my Dad with me but I live in Canada and I'm sure there'd be all sorts of complications with the medical system, his Medicare...

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The ACS (631-436-7070) has a program to drive patients to dr. appts and chemo...check with them as your Dad may be eligible for other programs as well.

I was checking on live in services for my Dad and a neighbor recommended Assistance for Daily Living.She has used them for over 12 years for her Mom. They have an office in Smithtown ( may have others). Phone # 631-724-6157. Ask for Mrs. King ... she is fabulous and understanding.

Another organization I called and was impressed with is South Shore Home Health Services(several locations....I think). Phone #631-567-6555.

I was never able to use either of these resources. I hope this is helpful.

Best, Lynn

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