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Getting to know you.....August 26


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I have a lot of them but I would have to say the worst is the tendenancy to interrupt people when they are talking. I'm a good listener but sometimes I get so excited about what someone is saying, I just jump in before they are finished!

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OMG, where do I start? Probably like Gail, I chip away at projects. Clean one drawer a month etc.

I call my self a nibbler. But you know what, it all eventually gets done.

I have always said my house was 20 minutes to Pope ready. If he called and said he was coming to visit, the house would be pope-ready in 20 minutes. Now he would not be allowed to look in drawers or closets.

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Definitely Clutter.... I am the worse clutterer. Then I spend all this time cleaning up the clutter and feeling real good. :D Then little by little, here it comes again. :cry:

I know that, it only takes couple of minutes to put things back. My intentions start out that way, then.... :shock:


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