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Let's All Pull Together to Cheer Fay !!!


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BeckyCW has generously offered to personally deliver any items we have for Fay. I would like to get something together as a group effort. So, if anyone has something they would like to contribute to the basket, please mail it to BeckyCW. If you would like her address, please PM me. I'm going chicken shopping today...lol!!!

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Well, first I'm gonna mail a card direct to Fay...but then, hmmmmmmmmmmmm....poultry goods. There ought to be a lot of them out there, huh?

If I find something with Fay's "name on it"...you can bet it will go to Becky for hand delivery. I assume Becky will be taking her camera along too...to catch the moment when Fay accepts her Chicken Hazing? 8):wink:

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maybe we could call it a "chicken roast" ???

Is there honor among feather afficionados? :wink:

And does this mean that since I'm getting radiation, I'm gonna be "fried chicken"? :lol:

Did ya ever notice how many plays on words there are for chicken-related things? Gotta love it, huh? :wink:

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I don't mean to keep pecking away at this topic, but i would like to cry 'fowl' as I don't have the history that goes with this cult.

could someone please open their beak and give us 'relative new comers' the background?

I am grateful for each of our fine feathered friends, but

we are trying to join in by 'winging' it and it would be more fun to be in the know.


drum (stick) roll: let's have the chicken hx.

By the way, an old joke:

do you know the difference between kinky and erotic?

When being erotic, you use feathers and such.

Kinky ~ you use the whole chicken!

Sad, huh?

At least I am not too chicken to tell bad jokes.

There is another chicken joke I love.

the question is :

why do chickens not wear underwear?

The answer is R rated (not x) so I won't include it.

Just noodle on it for now.

Love you guys.

You keep me sane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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