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Need a Boat Shaped Pass....


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Or maybe a car seat shaped one? I dunno...

DH leaves for *out there* in the next few days and will hopefully get at least part of the weekend. If he does, I'm going to be scarce.

Then he'll take the laptop, so for the rest of C and I's time in Washington no internet (how will I survive?). If somehow I am able to do the internet thing after all, I'll be here a little longer.

And then the 4th, Dad (who is flying in this week) and C, and I will take off for IL where I'll be for the duration of DH's *out there* time. Figured it would be the best for Daddy, C, and me all three if I was there rather than here.

So anyway... starting tomorrow I'll be scarce til Mid-September. We'll be on the road for what would have Mama's 59th birthday... hopefully we can find a fun way to celebrate her.

Pray for Ms. C in her car seat. She really doesn't like it on long, long trips.

I'll miss you guys!!!


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Val, you will certainly be missed between now and mid-September. Of course, having you "come home" to us in September will be a really good reason to throw a party!!! I know your Dad will love having you and precious little Carolyn around for a while! We are very proud of the honor that your husband is doing by serving our country and keeping us safe! Please tell him that we wish him well. I don't know about Carolyn but my little guys used to spend most of their time in the car seat sleeping!

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