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Is Anyone Else Having a Friday the 13th on the 26th????


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What is going on today? It seems like one of those combination days of Monday, Friday the 13th and a full moon all combined! Being here on the east coast of Florida, maybe it has something to do with hurricane. Every possible mishap that could happen has happened today! I can usually run this office with my eyes closed and today, you would swear it's my first day on the job. The copy machine jammed for absolutely no reason. I just had a big blow out with a truck driver over an order he was trying to deliver that we didn't order ($11,600 COD) and one of my subcontractors just lost our forklift key! Can you all just close your eyes and make it be five o'clock????? I know...it's five o'clock somewhere already...lol! Cindi...is the pub open yet???

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As the old saying goes..."Mama said there'd be days like this. She just didn't tell me they'd sometimes last for weeks!" :roll:

Hope your bad day is LONG gone by the time Monday rolls around again, Ann. Enjoy the weekend...even if it takes an extra Margarita or two to do it! (Have one of the extras for me...since I've been forced onto the wagon for the time being. :roll: I keep saying GIDDYUP!!!!!!!!!! but no drink appears.

:( )

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