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Chemo and radiation at the same time and Novalis beam


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I'm sorry to bother you and I promise I won't bother yu again with this. First of all thank you for telling me about stage 3 and 4 cancers and doing well. Do some people get Chemo and radiation after the surgery? Is this better? Now for the questionthat I hope will not get on your nerves. The novallis beam surgery only attacks bad cells. Why can't they work on ours. Obviously it doesn't or peole would choose that over the surgery I would think. But do you know anyone that has tried it for the left lung and lymph nodes? I think I will get all of my info here. Articles in other places have the statitstics so you can not miss them. I am beieve it or not listening to this board and not the statistics. One last question. Are there side affects with the novallis beam surgery. I promise I won't ask any more questions about this.

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Melody: I don't know much about Novalis beam surgery, but I think it is used for patients who cannot have conventional surgery due to lack of lung function or some other reason.

I would assume that while the beam kills the tumor, you cannot be assured that all the cancer is gone. Conventional surgery offers greater assurance that the cancer is gone.

I would look into doing this procedure if my cancer came back because I have only one lung and don't want to cut any more out. It would be a quality of life thing for me. From what I saw briefly on line, there are no side effects to speak of.

Don M

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I feel like a dummy because I can't give you any real answers, but I wanted to second what was said above - ask away. Lord knows I did. That's a big part of what this place is for. Make sure you use "Ask the Experts" too. They will defer on judgment calls but are so, so amazing for help understanding different procedures and side effects -and no statistics!

keep us posted, Melody.



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Not too many answers for you, but I had chemo and radiation at the same time. My understanding was one works in conjunction with the other. Don't apologize for asking questions we ALL do.


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