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Wonderful News about our Uncle Doug


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He has surfaced and promised us a journal entry and post by Sunday.


please do NOT let this happen again, Ry is known to hand out fines for folks that make us worry and wonder!!

Geez, we are so glad to hear from you!!!


Love you

Pat and Brian

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Go ahead, Ry.....fine his butt....that'll teach him! :wink:

Lissen up, Doug...you do this to us again and put such a strain on our worries...and we'll troop out there in Fay's pink bus and toilet paper your front yard, ya hear? :?

Am very glad to hear all is well...but you better have SOME KINDA GOOD EXCUSE for disappearing like this. We can't wait to hear it....

(imagine the sounds of many feet tapping, impatiently) :roll:

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