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And the survey says .............


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Stable. That's a term I would never have believed applied to me.

Saw my onc. today. The cancer is still contained. Nothing outside the lung.

My onc. is perplexed. The cancer is sitting there; not doin' nuttin. It's like he wants to poke it with a stick or something to make it do 'something.' He's reluctant to start any kind of treatment. My former onc. wanted to keep me on the taxol/carbo. Not my idea of quality living.

So he's going to the weekly meeting of all the oncs with all my films, scans, etc, and they're going to brainstorm a treatment plan for me .... or decide to keep on waiting and watching. I go back in a month.

In the meantime, I'm not planning on dying this year, so I'll start making plans for Christmas and New Years.

Grateful for all of you here,


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What does he want ~ a trick tumor???

We love the idea of peaceful co-existence.

Kind of a symbiotic type relationship.

Live and let live.

Let sleeping tumors lie, right, Oliver???

Honestly, we love the idea of STABLE.

Thank you for sharing this great news!!

We needed it!

Much support and continued prayers.


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Well, Oliver, glad the holidays are in the planning stages. I would recommend keeping that stick AWAY though from your body parts! Stable IS a very good thing, you know. Let us know what the pow-wow docs come up with for you.

Great news tonight.


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You know what they say, Oliver? You can live on "stable" for a long time!!

My liver tumors are being kept stable too...after a 50% reduction from the first three cycles of chemo. I start cycle 10 on Monday!! No ill effects (unless you consider having a head that looks like a baby duckling's arse an ill effect! :roll: ) and soon as they get rid of the little buggers in my brain...I'll be looking forward to Christmas too...this coming one AND the next! :wink:

Glad to hear your good report AND that they will keep a close eye on you to make sure things stay the way they are!!

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