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Surgery Postponed

Fay A.

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Complications have arisen. No idea when or even if it will be rescheduled. Will find out today when I will be released to go back to my house. Ry and John, thank you for the flowers...they are stunning. The Good News is they are in my room.

Di from Nashville, I love the book and card.

Nancy B., you know how I feel about the little girl puppy. She's adorable.

BeckyCW, the Chicken is very sweet, the art work is exactly what I like, and the cards are a very thoughtful gift for someone who is confined to a hospital bed or home.

Thank you all so much for thinking of me. please continue to remember me in prayer as I face thee latest setbacks.

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Rats! I don't like the word setback. Well the bus will be there soon to take you back to your house in style. I'm glad you got to enjoy the flowers. Hang in there, enjoy your visit with your family and keep us posted.


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Oh Fay,

Remember you in prayer for sure. I am so VERY sorry to hear this news. Maybe it will just be a postponement, huh? I am at a total loss as to just what to say. Please know that that you are remembered in thoughts and prayers, and being held very close at this time.



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Oh, darn it, Fay. These setbacks! Was hoping you'd have your surgery on Monday, get things fixed up and be as good as new. I know it's discouraging to have these setbacks but that's what they are --setbacks and just temporary. Once you get your strength back and are better able to withstand surgery, you'll get done what needs to be done.

Continuing many prayers for you.

gail p-m

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This is not the best news around but like someone else said....only a setback. Now your job is to go home and rest. That doesn't mean planting a winter garden, it means rest. Ok, you can get on your computer for short spurts but only if you come to LCSC first.

I hope your change in plans doesn't get you down too much. I know that being prepared for something and then it not happening, can itself be depressing. Chin up and things will work out. We miss you here.


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Aw, crud. It's tough to get your mind all wrapped around surgery, only to have it postponed. :(

The up side, is that you'll be heading home. But I hope things work out so that they can do what needs to be done for you, Fay...and then you can again return home and stay put, eh?

Yes, you should be getting a pile of mail even after you leave the newly renamed Duarte Chicken Cult Hospital and Pub (well, Debi, Ry and Cindi DO have a lot of influence, you know? :roll: ) Hope that cute guy from Chippendales has good legs too, as he jogs on over to your place to deliver it! :wink:

Keep us updated, Fay, please? You are such a good advocate for yourself...that I learn from you all the time.

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Hi Fay,

Just heard you were in the hospital. Haven't been to the boards lately. Hang in there and get well real soon and let the bus Ry is sending take you home. I think of you always and your in my prayers each day!!! You are a very special lady. It was really nice and thoughtful of Nancy,Kasey and Ry to update us on how you are doing... GET WELL SOON and get your bootay home...

God bless, prayers and lots of gentle hugs,


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