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Uncle Doug is alive and well


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To all and Sundry:

I have been on a short hiatus without realizing how my absence might have effected y'all. A family friend passed from pancreatic cancer this past month and some of my scans have been less than stellar.

All of you have been so supportive and loving and I only just now realize how much I've missed you. Look for a wordy, boring and hopelessly useless Journal entry this week. I will be posting an email from on deck the "S.S. Remission" next weekend as my brother takes me on a long anticipated cruise to Alaska. His way of bonding and reaffirming our family and sibling ties. I love him for it.

I'll be writing again very soon. Thank you all for your concern.

"Uncle" Doug Russell


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Thank goodness you finally wrote to us. I am very sorry about your friend and hope your scan news is not all bad. From the name of the cruise ship I hope that you have some fairly good news.

Enjoy your trip with your brother. We need family ties and the closer the better as far as I am concerned.

Glad to see your post and can't wait for the longer version.


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You didn't realize how much you'd be missed???? Sheesh, Dougie....we thought you well understood how much we enjoyed your journal entries and looked forward to them. You take them away from us...we're gonna get surly! :wink:

I, too, am so sorry to hear about your friend...and also sorry your scan reports weren't ALL good. But I sincerely hope they were MOSTLY good and that you are hanging on to your humor and upbeat approach to all of this.

A nice cruise on the S.S.Remission sounds wonderful...and I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" that phrase and pass it along to a friend. She's been battling a relapse of breast cancer from 11 yrs ago, for the past 3-4 yrs....doing well enough that she and hubby are spending a week at a time on their sailboat this summer!! I bet she'd love the name, even though she's not fully in remission....YET!

We look forward to your return and your journal entries. Next time you need to take a break from here...just ask Ry for a hall pass. She will FINE you if you don't, you know! :roll:

P.S. Your brother sounds like a great guy...but I bet you already know that. :wink:

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Uncle Doug

Great to hear from you although I'm sorry to hear about your friend and less than stellar scans. But the Alaska cruise, probably my favorite holiday. Relentless eating and more eating, what could be better? And a look at those beautiful galciers too; they make amazing sounds when the calve. Done the cruise twice and saving my money to do it again. Can get a bit cool this time of year in Alaska so take some woolies.

Enjoy and looking forward to your journal update.

gail p-m

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Hi Uncle Doug,

Glad that you posted so we can stop worrying here. :)

Looking forward to reading your journal as usual. I love your wit.

Enjoy your cruise. I heard that is a wonderful cruise. Just don't forget to put in a Hall Pass to Ry about how long you will be away.

Bon Voyage'.....


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To all and Sundry:


Thank you for posting. I've missed your posts. I've looked through the member list, though, and I have yet to locate a member named Sundry.

Have a great time on the cruise, and I look forward to reading about it. Your posts are probably as close to the Pacific Northwest as I'm ever going to get.

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We haven't "met", but I can tell from reading this post how much I'll look forward to reading more from you.

You've had a lot to cope with in a short amount of time. Sorry for the loss of your friend. I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer.

Your cruise will be fantastic! I have never heard from someone who went on an Alaskan cruise who didn't have an awe-inspiring adventure! I'll live the trip vicariously through your journal! So don't leave anything out! :)

Bon voyage,


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Hey Uncle D!

I, too, have missed your posts, and wondered how you've been. Your upcoming adventure sounds heavenly... :mrgreen: ... (Here in AZ, we are expecting temps around 113 today! :twisted: ) Looking forward to hearing all about it!!

Be well, and happy "sails" to you!!

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I am looking soooo forward to that long, overdue post from you! Hope you have a wonderful cruise! Never doubt the amount of concern that a group like ours can muster up! Hey...I even issued an APB for you!!!!

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