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Let's play another game...


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OMG- yummy choc. Butterscotch.

Now to answer Kasey, I would say a candlelit dinner at a restaurant, as I would not have to cook.

Now if my husband made a candlelit dinner, first of all I would probably passout... :shock: but I would go for that over a restaurant. Then we would not have far to go, to keep that romantic evening going. :wink:

Climate... Summer or Winter

Edit... looks like Cathy beat me to it. so I will answer Cathy.

Cats definitely... when we go away and could leave them for a couple of days. Also we do not have to walk them.


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an hour and a half of full body massage with lotions and potions and water with differring textures and temperatures on different pressure points.. Oh God I miss my income... :cry:

pedicures or manicures?

hey tea where you been??? good to see you!!!

And Maryanne! You are too funny! How many lattes have you had today???

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Baths, of course. Lots of bubbles. Lots of hot water. Lots of soft music. And candles. And a book. And a glass of wine. And more bubbles. And scrubbie things. More soap. Lots of splashing. A neck pillow. Love my baffums. It's tubby time in my house! Then a fluffy towel and warm robe. Ahhhh ....Baths. for sure.

wine, beer or liquor?

(wouldn't you know it? :D )

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