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Prayers sent to our friends and the people in Louisiana


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To our friends in Lousianna, Mississippi, Alabama etc.

I have a candle lit for the people who will are in the path of this hugh hurricane, Katrina.

I pray all our friends from here and their families make it out safely and with minimal or no damage to their properties.

Prayers sent that this will not be as big and distructive as they are saying.

G-d be with you.


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Thanks for starting this Maryanne. I would like to add my prayers for those folks in the path of Katrina , as well. As we all go through the fight against cancer ourselves or with our loved ones, we tend to forget how fast other things can take away life and property. A storm of that magnitude has the power to take away life and property of thousands.. It's so hard to comprehend the pure devastating impact it can have. God be with them all.


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