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Cough and pain?


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My dad has been having severe pains in his back mostly when he coughs. They are shooting pains. I was just wondering if this is a side affect from cancer spread to the vertebrea or if anyone knows anything? Im so confused and scared I wonder when my life will be happy again.

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I can't answer your question about the shooting pains. I did want to try to answer your question about when you might feel happy again.

I wasn't very happy when my Mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. I was pretty much devastated for a while. But my Mom insisted that I see the good in life, even during the worst of her illness. Sometimes when I couldn't see it for myself she would show it to me. After a while I began to find those little moments of pure happiness on my own. And eventually I learned to appreciate them when ever they occurred. I didn't have to actively persue them. Of all the lessons this wonderful person taught me about life, the gift of her humor, and her insistance that we all still laugh and smile and find happiness even during the roughest of times is her greatest legacy.

I know it's hard to do right now... but try to find those moments of joy.

Best Wishes to you and all you love.

Fay A.

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Hi - I don't want to scare you, but my Dad also had shooting pains in his back and lungs when he coughed and it turned out he had pneumonia. I would be sure to let your dr know this. It probably isn't pneumonia, but it's better to be safe than sorry. I hope your Dad gets better, keep us posted.


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