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is what the lung surgeon said.

I don't need to see him again, since the oncologist is following me regularly. It has been 4 1/2 years, and he feels I am in good shape.

He said the BAC could be multi-focal (sp?) and I have a 20% chance :twisted: of a new nodule developing. I asked him if that would be a recurrence or a new primary. He said new primary.

Today, I am happy.


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For this fabulous news, Gail...I am now handing your pork chop back to you to hold for yourself....since it NO LONGER REPRESENTS ANY WORRY ABOUT TEST RESULTS!!

I hope you celebrated this great news??? Either here in Cin's pub....or better yet, in reality!! :D

Edited...as I got ahead of myself (or behind myself :shock: ) and addressed this to Joanie, not Gail. Had to correct it. Sorry Gail...but I'm no less pleased to hear the news!! :D

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