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Mike's doctor appt.-Tarceva


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Just wanted to update you on Mike. He had been taken off of Tarceva( after being on it only 5 days) and his oncologist will put him back on it at a lower strength. He had such a strong reaction rash wise in only 5 days that the doctor has had him take a 2 week break. He wants him to resume the Tarceva at 100mg. on Sept 5th . We will see how it goes from there. The doc says that he has seen this before and then after a two week break, the patient goes on to tolerate the 100mg better and still get a good response. We are hoping and praying for that to be Mike's case. Otherwise, he is doing fairly good. He's a bit fatigued and is having a bit of swelling in his ankles. To cover all bases the doc is ordering a echocardiogram to be done. There are other reasons for the swelling, such as prednisone that he is on and the high amounts he has been on in the not too distant past. I guess it's hard to get a good diagnosis to all a cancer patients symptoms because of all the possible causes for things. Anyhow, that's where we are for now. Gonna jump in there and try it again starting Sept. 5th.

Love and Prayers to you all....


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Hi Sue,

Sorry to hear they had to stop Mile's treament right now. I know that must have bummed you both out. But Iam sure the doc knows what he is talking about.

I wish Mike all good vibes on Sept 5th, and pray his side effects are very minimal.

Take care,


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So hoping Mike can get back on track with Tarceva and knock this beast back SO far that it has to crawl for cover!!!!

I continue to think about both of you, hoping treatment goes well. Please keep us updated often so we don't worry about you.

(((Sue and Mike ))),


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