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2 Year Anniversary


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Dear Friends,

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA NSCLC. It's been a roller-coaster with many ups and many downs. I've learned a lot, some of which I did not want to know. Mostly I've learned that I am very lucky to have the love of a devoted husband, children, family and friends. The biggest surprise is that I learned that I can still find joy and happiness in my life eventhough I have a life-threatening disease.

Two years ago, I never thought I would be here. Right now, eventhough I've been through the mill lately, I am functioning and happy and still believe that I could go into remission if they could find something that works for me. I have not lost my faith that I still have a wonderful life to live.

Tomorrow (Monday) we will travel to Nashville to meet with Dr. Anthony Greco and his colleagues to see if I qualify for any of their clinical trials. I hope so. I at least need to get started on something because I am having trouble with my hip and am finding it difficult to walk--even with a cane. I am still on clinical trial lists in Pittsburgh, but my name isn't coming to the top of the lists very quickly. I hope to be eligible for some cutting edge medications. Several oncologists have told me there are very promising clinical trials out there right now. I'll keep you posted.

I'll be thinking of all of you. Take care.


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Dear Ada,

Oh my friend, CONGRATULATIONS on your two year anniversary! I know just want you mean about not being here two years later. I felt that same way just 8 years ago myself, and by the grace of God and wonderful doctor's and medicines here I am today. I like to think God left me here so I could meet and make wonderful friends like you. You are such an inspiration, not to mention a very kind and caring wonderful person. I so hope your feeling better after your surgery as well. ((((((ADA))))))

I wish you all the best in Nashville. I too will be praying that they have just the right Trial for our Ada so we can continue being freinds and we can keep adding chapters to our stories.

Warm and Very Gentle Hugs,

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:D Hi Ada,

Congratulations on your second anniversary and good luck on the

clinical trials. Your right it is a roller coaster ride. To me it's like

mixed Blessings. You learn to appreciate the real things, quit looking

for whatever it is we think we need. Enjoy small things and get the

biggest high when our health is good, which we just took for granted

before. We must keep going down the road to seehow far they can

help us .

God Bless You,



Age 61, dx 12/01 Adenocarcinoma,1/02 right lung out. Stage 11B NSCLC

4/02 restaged 1V spread to lymph nodes, had 6 Taxol/Carboplatin beginning May 02 ending 8/28/02. Did very well. June all scans clean,

July found 2 brain mets. 7/30/03- Will have surgery to take one out

and radiation and gamma knife for the other but, 95 success rate and

will be mobile

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Two years is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone once decribed me as a cat with nine lives. Figure that we're just down a couple.

I like thinking of the Energizer Bunny. Or the Timex watch. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

That would be you. Enjoy your trip.


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Goodmorning and Happy Anniversary,

Even though i have been through a lot of cancer with family and friends i still feel like i know so very little. Of course I think the scientists are with me on that statement. What i want to say is that the other day at the onc office, he spoke of trying buddy on taxotere first, if that didn't work then another med and if that didn't show much promise, he had some clinical trial drugs. Does your onc have trial drugs and have you tried them at your home town? I was surprised when the dr said that. I thought one had to go else where for clinical meds. Just a thought....

You are a go getter lady, and that is great. I hope you find just the right meds this time around. God be with you on this journey.....

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