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Anyone heard anything about Addie or Cindi?


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Bless your heart, Leslie. I just had chemo and rad yesterday...not a big procedure like our Cindi.

Actually I updated last night on my "Doubling up" thread. I will only get chemo for TWO days this cycle instead of THREE in an effort to keep my counts from tanking. So after today, I'm done with the onc for this cycle! 8) But prior to chemo yesterday my numbers were pretty good...especially the white count.

They did NOT give me any Decadron yesterday by infusion...so I'm still just on the 4 mgs. oral... which last night had me up about 5 times. :roll: Every two hours from the time I piled into bed - which was sorta early. Then my early morning was capped off by a horrendous Charley horse in my left calf about 5:30 this morning. :roll:

So...I'm a bit draggy this morning...and despite my best efforts NOT to nap yesterday (so that I COULD sleep at night) I have a feeling I'm gonna do some sofa time today. :roll:

No biggie. It's just this awful oral Decadron THAT I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OFF OF :? (or for you, Kasey, "Off of which I can't wait to get!" :lol: )

The stuff doesn't have me quite as wired as I was when my dosage was 8 mgs. daily...but man, is it terrible stuff? I might have to write a poem about the Evil Decadron. Would you all like that? :wink:

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Actually, Ginny.....I was awake in the middle of the night Sat. or Sun. (can't remember which night as I'm awake in the middle of ALL of them anymore :shock: ) and was writing a limerick in my head! :D

I got up to use the throne....and wrote down what was in my head...IN the dark. I can actually still read it...but unfortunately the first line of the limerick was gone by the time I used the facilities and started to write it down. Need to resurrect that first line and then I'm off and running! :wink:

BTW, Gin....there is a PM I sent you in response on the 21st I think...which YOU have not read yet. Check your inbox...okay? It was pre-Decadron so it may not be too funny...but will be sincere! :lol:

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Addie! :D

Sorry they didn't get you off the oral D - darn it all! But glad you're done with chemo for a while. Go ahead and sleep on the couch when you need to. Men do it all the time! :wink:

I want that limmerick!"There was a young lady on steroids.." What rhymes with steroids? :roll:


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Ginny and I are on the same wave lenght....hemorrhoids was my first thought too! :lol:

Lisa, we're in Newtown. Not too far from you. I know Sharyn is in Milford and Ellen and Len (elnodel) are somewhere near the sound too, I think. World keeps getting smaller, doesn't it?

I may have time to work on my limerick form poem this afternoon....if I don't fall asleep. :roll: But I will post it when I finish it and will TRY my hardest not to make it too raunchy! :wink:

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