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Mom update...


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Mom has gone in for her first of four chemo treatments today. They are hoping because she is so much stronger, (last time she was brought in on a stretcher), this time around and has been off chemo for 8 months that the same cocktail, (cisplatin & VP16), will get just as good a response.

Hoping and praying that it makes her best friends with NED. She is in great spirits, just a little weak and SOB at times. I am keeping my fingers, toes.....etc crossed. Please keep her in your prayers.

Love and prayers for each and every one of you,


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Thanks again everybody.

Mom drove herself to chemo today, if you can believe that!

I'm still hanging by a thread, but I am in for the long haul. My Mom handles things so much better than I do. I will not show my worry to her though. I want her to stay upbeat and positive because we all know that is a large portion of fighting this horrible disease.

My best and my prayers for all of you, and Kel, good to see you,


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