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LC awareness magnets


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LCSC has just been made a non profit wholesaler for a company that makes LC awareness car magnets (like those that say Support our Troops) and other LC awareness products.

Would anyone be interested in purchasing these? Let us know.


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AMAZING! Fred and I were just talking about such magnets as we were behind a car with a pink breast cancer one. I was wondering if you would even be able to SEE the CLEAR for lung cancer. Guess it would be more like the bracelets, huh? At any rate, I would be interested.


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I'm still trying to work it out with the distribution company.

They would be white or gray

I think it would be $3 plus shipping. Does that sound ok or too much? I think I'd have to buy a zillion of them for them to lower the price any more than that.

Shar- (and everyone else international) I can ship anywhere as long as you pay for actual shippng costs.

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Would LCSC make anything on it? The ones I see all the time, Brest cancer, Support our troops etc. you can just purchase them at stores, and the stores make the profits. They are all made in China :shock: and that bothers me. But I guess that is why they can sell them for $1.99.

I don't mind paying the $3.00 price as long as LCSC gets something.


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1. These are pre-printed with "Lung Cancer Awareness"- we can not add the words LCSC to them unless we create our own magnet, and buy in bulk of 1,000- which LCSC cannot afford to do.

2. If we do sell them, LCSC would make $1.00 off every magnet if we sell them for $3.00

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