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Update on Jeffrey

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Jeffrey's brain scan came up totally clean again! As my friends here know that is where the bulk of his lung cancer mets found sanctuary and it has been a battle we have been fighting with Gamma Knife. So it's great to have good news on the medical front. Dr. Wolf (Gamma Knife) brought in another doctor to meet Jeffrey as his remarkable progress (in spite of the stage IV diagnosis) is starting to cause a stir around here. As for me and my sanity...well, I continue to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Every time he gets a new scan I am a "basket case" until we know what's going on. Sorry that I haven't been on the boards much because of school starting, Hurricane Katrina and the sloppy mess she left behind but nothing as devestating as the Gulf Coast. My prayers are with all the folks up there and of course with all of you in here!


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No need to apologize for having to do your job. As a former teacher, I DO know the time consuming tasks necessary to get ready for a new school year.

AND....GREAT news there!!!! I am just ecstatic for the both of you! Love success stories. Hope all continues going in this same direction for the next 40 or 50 years!!!!

Congratulations BIG time!


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Trish that is the best news. They will have to write up his case as he is beating the odds there and will continue to do so. Incredible!!!

One question, is that you in the picture or your daughter?


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Jeffrey's kind of like a new student you assume won't pass the class but ends up with all the A's! He's Most Likely to Succeed! :D

The pre-scan jitters are THE WORST! It's the only time I start really worrying and imagine I'm breathing funny and keep asking my husband if he notices anything strange about me. (He says, "Not any more than usual! 8) )


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