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One old poem to make you chuckle?


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Didn't get around to writing the Decadron limerick today...but here is an old one.

First I gotta ask you if anyone is aware of what "boyfriend pants" are? My understanding is they are panties for females but the cut of them is sorta like men's underwear. Obviously for the younger crowd... :roll: Those of you with teenage girls probably know exactly what boyfriend pants are.

Anyway, the first time I heard mention of them...I wrote and posted this on another message board I frequent:

I’m intrigued by these things, “boyfriend pants”

If I knew what they were, would I chance..

Trying to wear them? It seems

That to cover my “beams”

With “boyfriends”, might alter my stance!

I’ve been wearing my briefs for so long

That even bikinis feel wrong

And I’d surely not dare

To wear men’s underwear

Or be caught dead displaying a thong!

Yet still, “boyfriend pants” sound appealing

I wonder, are they quite revealing?

It would be rather fun

To have one for each bun

Based upon which two boyfriends I’m stealing!

I can see myself clad in Brad Pitt 8)

I think he’d be a wonderful fit

But then, who’d take bun two?

And just what would I do

If it happened I needed to sit?

If I wear “boyfriend pants” must I stand?

For the rest of my life, rather than

Being seated or prone,

And never alone,

Cuz two guys are attached to my can? :?

It all seems just too much to dare

As attire for my derriere

Plus, two boyfriends, I figure

Make a butt look much bigger

And folks would be likely to stare! :shock:

So I’ll stick with my briefs for a while

Never mind if they’re not much in style

They don’t ride up or pinch

But they cover each inch

And laugh less at my butt, than some guy’ll !! :lol:

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LOL Absolutely hillarious...Yes i think you have the describtion pretty close. I asked Lindsey my 13 yr old and they are also known as Boxer briefs (for women/girls) I have never heard them referred to as boyfriend pants, I love it!!! Told Lindsey I was gonna run buy her some and she kinda cringed..she likes a thong.(UGGG) What girls will go thru not to have a panty line.

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