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Although I joined LCSC in November, it wasn't until much later that I actually began to post and read here. Therefore, I just caught a glimpse of DeanCarl as he stopped posting regularly around that same time.

Lately, seeing the requests for updates on him from those who 'knew' him well, I decided to read some of his past posts.

For those of you who are new here, and those not quite as new who do not know this man, I suggest you go and read what this gentle spirit has offered those of us here on this site. I found myself smiling, nodding my head in agreement, opening my eyes wide in amazement, and often shedding some tears at the eloquence of this humble bus driver from outside of San Diego.

I plan to go and read much more, as even now in his absence, he has much to offer us all.

So, thank you DeanCarl, from someone who did not know you well, but who will be forever changed by the power of your words.

(((DEAN and GAY))),


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Kasey you are so right, and thank you for bringing that to the attention of people who may not know Dean or not know him too well. He really is a special man.

He is such a good soul. I miss him here so much.


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Dean was one of the first to welcome me and offer a reassuring hand when I needed it.

His words still ring in my ears over a year later.

What a treasure.....

It is an opportunity to say again, thank you to everyone who helped me last year when my Mom was sick.

Every once in a while, I will search through old posts and re-read them....as kind of a chronology of events and to re-visit that warm feeling of support.

This PLACE is a treasure....

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