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Yep, the Governor of Minnesota has agreed to send buses to pick up 5000 refuges and bring them up here. The buses are on there way! Every little bit helps! It's not clear as to where the buses are going to pick them up, be it from Texas or where, but they are going to pick them up and bring them here.

We will greet them with open arms, give them shelter and food and clothes with a warm welcome heart. They don't know it yet, but they will be in good hands when they arrive! :wink:

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Thank goodness!!! Thats Good News Connie.

Texas agreed to take 75,000 and now we have 230,000!!!!!! :shock:

We are overflowing here but they are being well taken care of. In the long sceme of things, they will need to be spread out enough to where there will be enough housing and job opportunities so maybe other states will step up too.

I'm just glad they are no longer in Louisianna!

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