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Alimta/Cisplatinum questions


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My partner has inoperable non-small cell which grew from 7 ? to 8 while on first 2 months of chemo according to recent Ct scan. There were other small tumors in same right lung only detected in initial surgery which makes it inoperable. They are now going to start him on Alimta and Cisplatinum. 3 weeks ago p.a. told him tumor had shrunk based on x-ray and he and I were so relieved. P.a. also told him he was Stage II, but he is actually Stage IV. I do wish Doctors would not allow p.a.'s to speak unless they know the facts and what they are talking about. This accurate news that tumor had grown was a shock and my partner feels defeated and is talking about getting things in order. He will start the Alimta/Cisplatinum this coming Tuesday. My question: Any thoughts on the Alimta or any other suggestions would be appreciated. Anybody else have experience with Alimta? Thank you much.


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I'm sorry to hear about your partner, but I do wish to point out to you, that if you scroll down this forum, you will find a LOT of info about Alimta. And yes, the wonderful folks here will reply to your request as well. But, please take a minute to browse the board regarding Alimta. It has been talked about a lot. Check out other Forums as well.

Best wishes,


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You should definitely use the search feature for "Alimta". I know that both my mom and CharlieD have both had stability and shrinkage afer their treatments of Alimta. Now, that's not to say it as a breeze for my mom, she got very sick during her treatments (moreso than from carbo/taxol), but she is here and although they are getting ready to evaluate her back pain, she is doing pretty well. She has even been doing some shopping lately!

I wish you guys the best of luck. I hope you get great results!!!

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