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MOVED: Lung Cancer Awareness Magnets are HERE!


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See our LCSC Products Forum!

Lung Cancer Awareness Magnets for your car.

$3.00 ea. plus $2.50 shipping (up to 10 magnets)

* This is cheaper than the "other" websites where you can buy these types of magnets! and

($1 of every sale goes to LCSC.)

To order: send check or cash by mail to


PO BOX 1205

Euless, Texas 76040

or online by Paypal to Payee- lcsc04@yahoo.com

Please be sure to include what the payment is for, the qty and your shipping address.

Thank you!!


(the actual magnet looks much better than this graphic)

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Thank you for the recent orders!

I just saw a cancer "store" online that sells these for $5 each, there's another site that sells them for this price as well and I found a vendor on EBAY that sells LC Awareness car magnets for $2.99 but his are TAUPE color! DUH>? he has had NO bidders! LOL

I had to send him a polite e-mail to let him know his color was WAY off.

SO, this is still the best deal around!

$3.00 ea plus shipping!

Let's get one of these on EVERY CAR for LC Awareness month!

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Hi Shar,

I sent 3 magnets to Austrailia a few days ago for about $7 USD. No telling when they will get there but they went by air.

If you pay the shipping, I certainly will ship them to you with no guarentees if they are lost in transition.

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I haven't been on the board much but the times that I have been, I have never seen this. I think some people tend to look over the "announcements" (I know that defeats the purpose :shock: ), maybe you can move this or post something just in the regular forum?

Anyway, I sent you an order through Paypal. I can't wait to get mine. I'm going to put one on my car and one on my cubicle at work since it's magnetic. I ordered extras in case someone wants them. :wink:

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Thanks Debi,

I was working on a LCSC Shopping site (much like the old one we used to have) when my system crashed and I lost my hard drive. So it will have to wait a while longer.

I'm going to send a mass e-mail about these again next week!

Yours will go out soon!

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