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A little help for Katrina victims


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Today was a feel good day.

First, it was announced in our newspaper that Danbury Town Hall would collect donated items for hurricane victims, for transport to one of the state Armories. All the Armories are accepting donations of water, packaged foodstuff, etc.

Since there isn't an Armory within 35-40 mins. of us, we loaded up on water, batteries and toilet paper at Costco and took it to City Hall. Wouldn't you know, a photographer was there from the local paper and apparently I was the first one to think of toilet paper :wink: ...so after we carried in all our stuff, the gal w/ the camera asked if I'd carry in the t.p. again so she could get a picture. Too bad I wasn't wearing a LCSC tee shirt too, eh? :roll:

Anyway, I struggled my way through the door again with a 24 pack of t.p. and she snapped away so I guess The Decadron Lady could end up in the paper with An Armload of Toilet Paper. :wink:

Then...last evening I wrote to Pfizer...the maker of Purell, the hand sanitizer you can carry in your purse or pocket. They make 2 oz bottles and I use the stuff a lot when my counts are low. I requested that they donate as many of those little bottles as possible to Katrina victims. I did get a reply saying my email had been forwarded to "the appropriate personnel".

But hubby tells me Pfizer just lost a humongous law suit...so how amenable they'll be to my suggestion...I dunno. I just thought with as much filth, debris and even dead bodies floating in the water down there...that anything that would help sanitize would be a good thing.

We're gonna see if they carry those single wipe, individually packaged sanitizers in bulk at Costco next time we go up for stuff to donate. Also diapers, baby wipes and even some of that pedialyte stuff.

I may even send some more toilet paper and some paper towels this time. I don't imagine even a 24 pack of t.p. will go very far. :( At least it was a start...and it felt good to do something!!

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Good for you Addie. If you hit the papers we want the link!

We split our contribution between the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. If you donate to the Red Cross you must make sure it is dedicated to THAT disaster and not their general disaster fund (it says on the website). You may recall all the problems with the 911 donations. The Salvation Army is there to get people fed.

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This is all Wonderful that people are helping.

But don't you think companies like P&Gfor example, could get a truck there with Pampers and Charman Tolet paper, Crest toothpaste and toothbrushes?

Gillette gave a lot of money, but they could have a truck with Orab B Toothbrushes, Right guard and Soft n dri Deodorants, Shaving stuff, Duracell flashlights and Batteries etc.

There are so many big companies, that have to get off their duffs and bring the product to the people, not just give money.

Also, I feel since they knew this Katrina was coming, they knew there are many poor people in New Orleans and Mississippi that could not afford to get gas or transportantion or they even had no place to go. Why couldn't they set up a tent city somewhere, maybe only 100 miles away and have cots water an food waiting for them. And buses to get them out of town.

Something was so wrong here. :(


Addie and everyone thank you for helping them. My town is the type of town, that would do nothing. So I gave a generous donation to the Red Cross. I wish I could do more.

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Most individuals cannot come close to doing what a large company or corporation can do...whether it's donated $$$ or goods.

But every little bit adds up, I figure. And it is a nice feeling to do something tangible...so we have the next Costco list all made up to buy and deliver to City Hall. :)

There should have been a more rapid response...and I don't know if we'll ever have the truth on why it didn't happen. But one thing I DO know...is that I don't blame the helicopter pilots for going away when people on the ground were SHOOTING AT THEM. :?

The looting of water or food makes some sense. I heard even some police officers looted a kitchen somewhere for food and water so they could continue to do their jobs.

But the looting of beer and electronics or anything other than food/water is unconscionable. :x

On my one and only camping trip of my whole life...I was miserable. Had to hike nearly a 1/2 mile uphill to use the john. No shower for two days. My hair turned to brillo pads from the mist off the lake and the mere thought of putting a worm on a hook at 5:00 while the guys were eating baloney sandwiches and drinking beer for breakfast made me want to puke. :oops: It was impossible to get comfy in a four person tent, lakeside, without even an air mattress under me...so didn't get much sleep. Oh, and one of the guys snored to beat the band. :roll:

And it all was NOTHING compared to what is happening to the poor victims of Katrina. :(

If we all do what we can...it WILL help...even if it seems small compared to the enormity of the destruction. The more people who donate something...the more people who get some relief.

P.S. Nothing in the paper today. Think I broke the camera? :lol: Maybe tomorrow...Sundays they are usually scrounging for news other than Saturday night DUIs! :roll:

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In defense of large corporations, they generally do not make it public knowledge just how much they do give. My company, Perdue Farms, is working with Second Harvest to provide chicken (frozen) and the trucks to deliver it. And I'm not talking about just a truckload (40,000 lbs). There will be several truckloads.

My donations, as small as they are, are going to an area just north of New Orleans by about 90 miles. I have family there. My folks are OK but there are about 5000 people in shelters. My cousin works in the emergency service and has not been home since last Sunday. She says she'll probably be at the office another week...to help handle things. Then she'll go home to check on her house. They are not flooded but did receive quite a bit of wind damage.

My niece in Oxford, MS has 8 friends from N.O. living with her and her husband. One couple has a 1 yr old and another on the way. I've offered my extra room and bath for one of the other couples. They were in Florida on vacation when the hurricane hit and have nothing to go home to.

Y'all take care,


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Hey Addie,

You and that dam steroid energy. I can see you hauling around all this stuff and you just had chemo. I took the lazy way and sent a donation this am to the Red Cross. New Orleans is my favorite city. Mike and I had actually decided to retire there right before I got sick. He is a Blues musician and it just made great sense.

I must say, the looting of non essentials is strange. Where are they going with this stuff? How are they plugging it in (electronics)since there isnt any power, where are they storing it to sell or use later? After waiting 5 dam days for food and water I would also be in a store getting anything I needed to survive, but designer cloths and electronics????

As usual my dear, your spirit is an inspiration.



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Guest randa'sdaughter

Here is something else you might want to check out, it came from our Governor, Haley Barbour.

Governor Haley Barbour's Office and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency have set up the Mississippi Hurricane Relief Fund Call Center for anyone wishing to donate money, goods, and services. For these contributions, please call 1-866-230-8903 or local 601-981-1247. Thank you!

I live in Brandon, Mississippi. We had no power for 4 days. Our schools are still out. Trees down everywhere and we are 150 miles from the Gulf Coast. My uncle lives in Hattiesburg and doesn't know when he will have power. He had a few trees down on his house.

Our church is also taking donations down to Hattiesburg and the Gulf Coast area - as far as we can get down there.

Here is a link to the local papers here... www.clarionledger.com and www.sunherald.com/mld/sunherald/

God Bless!

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Way to go Addie!!! To me, you have always held celebrity status and now your entire city will know how very special you are....even if they do associate you with T.P. Personally, I think the T.P. was a wonderful idea! Having lived through all those hurricanes last year, I should have thought of T.P. when making my donations. The hand sanitizer is a great idea. I think that's one of the best things since sliced bread. I have that sstuff all over my house and car. I made up 50 Kans for Kids this weekend. Oriental Trading Company sells these cans that look like paint cans. I had a bunch in my craft room from last Christmas and I made labels stating whether they were for a girl or boy and filled them with goodies. I found crayons, coloring books, pencils and things like that on clearance at Target. I got boxes of 24 crayons for 7 cents!!!

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Ann....bless your heart AND thanks for reminding me about Oriental Trading....I LOVE that place. What a neat thing to package all the goodies in a can. Heck...if you do it again, lemme know as I might have stickers and a few other things here that you could use...ok?

Well, Missy Newspaper Photographer either changed her mind about the "human interest of toilet paper" or I broke her camera with the sheen off my bald head...but nothing has been in the paper! :roll:

Now...today, hubby and I went to Costco again after radiation. They had NO Purell but for the large countertop size but the guy in the pharmacy REALLY liked my idea of the 2 oz size in bulk and suggested I leave a suggestion in the suggestion box! Made sense to me....so I did. Maybe Costco will start carrying the wee bottles in bulk.

But aside from that we got diapers, toothbrushes, paper towels, water again...and then we went to the Dollar store and got about $50 bucks worth of coloring books and those preschool type work books for spelling, the alphabet, numbers, etc., plus crayons, colored pencils and markers. 8)

Paul will drop them off at Town Hall tomorrow while I'm in the toaster.

Today, I saw the rad onc too...and guess who gets to start weaning off Decadron AS SOON AS RAD IS OVER!?? Can you guess who? :?

I go immediately to 2 mgs. daily for a week, then 2 mgs. every other day for another week...THEN DONE!

Maybe I can start to have a normal sleep pattern again, huh? Jeez...I think I just hijacked my own thread here...so I'll quit and go take a nap! :wink:

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Addie, have you thought of checking in the areas of stores where they have the travel size samples for the hand sanitizer? Sometimes, you can get really good deals on the trial size samples. Thanks for the sticker offer. I am all out of cans now but may order some more later in the week. Addie, I really think you should start something here and get anyone from our board that either knits or crochets to make some little afghans for the babies. You would be the perfect person to organize this effort. As you and I have discussed, I have no talents in this area but would be more than happy to send lots of yarn to someone that does.

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There was a young lady named Addie

whose Decadron made her feel baddie.

It kept her awake

until, for goodness sake,

she thought dead King George was her daddy!


So glad you can get that steroid out of your system soon!! That's something good to look forward to! Maybe your eyes were shut in the photo - it happens.


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