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Hey you guys and gals!


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I just wanted to let all of you new people know that you are in an awesome place. This site is so full of comraderie and just about anything you would ever need to know. I felt compelled to start a new topic because I am so happy to have this place and I wanted you all to know this. You are such special people with hearts of gold. I cherish each day I read and find out what's going on with you. I'm sorry to be babbling but I needed to tell you this. It really makes me distraught when I hear any negative from any new people in regards to our situations. My motto is to keep positive and look over these people that have a negative tendency and move on. We are here for a reason and I definately know why I need ya'll!!

Love you guys,


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When I first found out about my cancer, the social worker at the hospital mentioned support groups as a great resource. I thought, "Nah! It would only be depressing. I'm not ready for that." I found this site and lurked a couple of months.

I found myself drawn to the site, becomming involved in people's stories and ongoing experiences. I finally realised that, not only was it not depressing to be here, I felt safer, understood, part of a "family" of people who knew what I was going through.

I don't think I could stay away from this site for a whole day if I had access to a computer! Healing comes in many forms! LCSC is all about healing!


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Yea...My instinct is to look for help and support, when I find myself in panic mode, such as when I was dx'ed with LC. If I hadnt found this group so fast, probly woulda haddda spring for a visit to a shrink. hehe

But folks are all different; I found when I asked an old friend, who last year had cancer, if she had found a good support group. She said no, she didnt wanna read about it, learn more about it, just wants to keep it off her mind. A kind of blissful denial to her , I guess.

Me...? Im darn glad I found this group quickly. And all the great folks in it.

Thanx to all of you for all you contribute..Rich B.

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thanks Jamie for this thread.

It is a really good group. Katie and Rick have done some amazing things with great character to make it and keep it this way. I feel really safe here, especially because of their vision, I would have to say. So thanks again Rick and Katie Brown.

Isn't it amazing how you can care for each other so much on paper? I am so awfully glad that you have arrived and are part of our group! Keep on posting! Keep on healing! We need YOU!

love, cindi o'h

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