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Mark VR is doing and feeling pretty good


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Hello friends,

Just a quick update on my status. I've completed all 6 rounds of cisplatin/VP-16. Handled it pretty good, but it was rough. Had a follow-up CT scan last week and a follow-up PET two days ago. Have an appointment with my onc next Wednesday to discuss the results and the next course of action, which I presume will be radiation. After the last CT/PET, the tumor had shrunk about 50%. People at work keep telling me I look good and I feel good, but am anxiously awaiting the results on Wednesday. I'll post when I get the results.

Until then....


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Mark , praying for great news this Wednesday! I did the VP16 and Cisplatin for mine. It was tough but it worked. I will let my husband know that you posted. Glad to hear that those around you at work say you look great. Jay leaves Wed eve. for business on the other side of the world hope you post early. Donna G

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Mark.....my Onc always says that how I look and feel tells him as much as the test results/scans do!! So the fact that you're feeling good is sorta like money in the bank!

Hoping for continued shrinkage...and know that radiation is often not as fearsome as we think it will be. I got thru 31 days of chest rad, relatively unscathed....but you might ask your onc about Amifostine shots. It protects the esophagus but not everyone can tolerate them. I had to take an anti-nausea pill 1/2 hr before the injection...and then you have to stay put for 15 minutes to make sure your b.p. doesn't drop. Mine never did and I tend to have sorta low b.p. anyway.

Good luck with whatever comes next and keep us posted...but so far, it all sounds like great news. Keep that up!!!

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Wonderful that you are having shrinkage! will be praying for you to feel better. People tell me the same thing. what can you say? "Sorry, I may look good but i feel bad." People mean well so we have to accept what they can give since many people often feel uncomfortable around people with cancer. So thankful you have a family to encourage you. pammie

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