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Good New's I think !!!


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Wife just had her monthly visit with her Onc and he said she'd doing real good. So i asked him how much longer on the current treatment and his answer was Indefinate. Being as this is a recurrence i assumed from his answer that were in doing what ever it take's to keep her going or in other word's surviving as long as possible.I also asked him what we could do in the line of treatment for the constant diarreah and low white cell count's and he said that he would look at the possibility of spacing her treatment's so she could have more quality time.So i guess good new's but still has me wondering......

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Remember I am the patient so my view might be a little different from some caregivers. It would make a huge difference to me as to the quality of life I had. If she can control her tummy problems and feel like doing things, then great news is how I would look at it. If the prognosis was for more of the same and worse...well...I might not be so enthusiastic.


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First of all THANK YOU ALL FOR THE OPTOMISTIC REPLIES. We were in the emergency room till 1:00 am last night as the Diarrhea and stomach cramp's became just to much as she had ate hardly a bite for 3 day's.Once again (this is our second time since july)they gave her the green lizard to drink and ran numerous test and after a night of it they got her feeling good again and like she said this morning i think i'm going to live again. We have talked about either stopping the Chemo or doing something different as when this flares up like it did there is no sleeping or eating. Let's hope after talking to the powers that be that a solution will be found...

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