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Lucie Has an Empty Head!

Don Wood

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Thanks, all, for your support and prayers. Lucie's brain MRI showed clear -- no tumors! She is a member of the empty head club! And it is even better because the tumor (bone met) that was originally in her skull is gone! More evidence the chemo and radiation worked. Lucie is now on Zometa (for the bone mets) and Iressa (for the NSCLC) and doing okay. The diarreah has shown up the last few days, but not bad. Also, she has a small red rash on one arm -- already applying lotion. We went out tonight to celebrate! Lucie has an empty head! Lucie has an empty head! Don

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

Great news. Nothing wrong with being empty headed. Congrats!


wife of Dick

at MD Anderson

Have some good news myself

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:lol: HI Don and Lucy,

I am so happy to hear of your empty head. This stuff is so scary.

God Bless you both. It's a long hard road for everyone.

I was doing so well, in June all Bone and cat scans clean.

Now I have 2 brain mets. They are taking one out this Wed. or I won't

be here in amonth. I believe radiation to follow. Success rate 95 per

cent. Will be mobile and functional. Have one in left temple which will

have gamma knife later. Feel wonderful. Just as long as no pain

and can get around. Lucy's news made me feel so good. Your prayers

and inspirations are so valuable on this board.

God Bless you,



age 61, dx 12/01 with adenocarcinoma, right lung removed 1/02.

NSCLC Stage 11B, spread to lymph nodes 4/02 , 6 chemos beginning

in May 02 ending 8/28/02. 7/03 brain scan and MRI 2 tumors.

7/30- surgery

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Earl asked me to tell you that as the charter member of the 'Empty Headed' Club' he welcomes Lucie with open arms.

He is so exited about how large the club is coming, he is considering a Newsletter. (Haha, just kidding)

We are so happy about this good news. You both deserve a break from all these darn medical treatments for awhile.

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That is simply outstanding news Don! As a husband also whose wife is fighting the good fight, I share your excitement to getting this most wonderful, best you could expect news. We continue to pray for you and Lucie and hope that she continues to improve. Take care.

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Don and Lucy:

It is really a good news. I am so happy for both of you.

I told my parents that I joined this group, and encouraged them to fight LC. My daddy is currently taking his third round chemo with Taxol/Cisplatin, he will have a CAT Scan on Aug. 13th. I am crossing my fingers now.


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