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Rumor here about Katrina


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i listened to a radio programme few days ago, one man said Katrina is probably sent by God to penalize US bcoz G.W. Bush used the money/reserve originally for building the "a dam" in those provinces (not sure New Orleans or Lousianna or Missisippi (sp?)) but finally used on the Iraq war...

and those majority votes from provinces were gone to G.W. Bush in last election.

Besides, the military forces from those provinces were sent to the Iraq & Afghanistan, that causes delay in rescue.

What do you think about that? For myself, when I watched the TV news, I am so angry that how come US government reacted so slow to this disaster...US is supposed to be the no. 1 strong country and how can the government do this to her people.

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Dear Berisa,

I don't know who or what sent this Hurricane to the US, but I do know a LOT is WRONG with our Government, and the Officials running the US.

Well my dear, There aren't to many people here very happy about this disaster either and how OUR Government Officials have and are handling it. :twisted:

And on that note, I will keep my mouth shut, because I am SO ANGERY about this and how it is being handle, I might not stop. :evil:


God Bless all those that are suffering from this disaster!

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Having lived in South Fla from '72 to '98 I am familiar with hurricanes. I was involved in the restoration of South Dade after Hurricane Andrew. It looked like what I always thought a nuclear war would look like. I've had 4 hurricanes go over my house (3 last year) All were Category 1. After David in '79, I made sure I evacuated when the authorities mandated it. There was no way I would stay if there was a chance that a Cat 3, 4, or 5 would hit. Katrina has affected a huge area; this is unprecedented. Watching it on TV last weekend, it looked like the 'perfect storm'.

New Orleans and the Gulf Coatst were all under a mandatory evacuation. The reason why that order was given was because the authorities knew that it would be a logistical and physical impossibility to get rescue efforts underway quickly. Unfortunately, many people chose to ignore that mandatory evacuation order.

Our government is a cumbersome bureaucracy. It takes time to mobilize, and secure staging areas. Could the rescue efforts been accomplished faster? Probably. But sometimes the bureaucracy gets in the way. Florida had several hundred airboats prepared to go into La to help with search and rescue but FEMA would not allow them in until the situation was stabilized. It was not safe for just anyone to mosey around the metropolitan area.

You can still see evidence of destruction in South Dade 13 yrs after Andrew. Punta Gorda isn't even close to rebuilding a year after Charlie. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast will be forever changed. It will be years before New Orleans will even come close to looking 'normal'. My prayers are with all those affected by Katrina; both victims and those involved with the rescue and restoration of the area.

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Well Berisa, our Supreme Court chief justice, William Rehnquist passed away this morning from thyroid cancer. I can tell you that it's just matter of time until someone figures out a way to somehow blame his death on President Bush.

The other morning my husband was walking through the kitchen and stubbed his toe. He yelled out "that d**n George Bush"! I responded with, what the heck are you talking a about? He said "isn't everything bad that happens George Bush's fault"?


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Something that other countries don't always realize or understand about the USA is that the National Guard can't enter a state and carry out operations without an invitation from the governor of that state. The military can go in on humanitarian missions only (posse comitatus law), again at the behest of the governor. We are a nation of states, and the federal government is prohibited from certain activities within each state without specific approval from the governor.

FEMA and Guard units were outside New Orleans a few days before the Hurricane hit. There was no centralized command center established in New Orleans until Wednesday after the hurricane and after the floods. By the time the governor authorized the Guard to enter the city and a command center began coordinating efforts, much time had been lost and chaos began to take over with the looters, rapists, and other vermin on the streets with little or no security.

One should remember too that when you rely so heavily on the federal government, this is what you get -- every time. It is a plodding bureaucracy and has been for decades. Don't look for them to save you immediately, because they are a ponderous beast that can't move over a certain speed even if they want to.

Hindsight, of course, will have this all solved within 24 hours, but the reality is far different.

God bless all those who risked their own safety and lives to help others. And those who still are.


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I don't mean to minimize any of the suffering that has occurred because of this disaster, but is there any way we can focus on the positive? Instead of wasting so much negative energy of finding blame and pointing fingers, let's celebrate the power of the human spirit.

People all over the country, and indeed all over the world, are coming together to help and send prayers. That includes the countries that don't like us very much. We need to focus on the face of the survivors, and ask, "What's next? What can I do to help? What am I willing to do to help?"

I know that, way over here in OK, my children's school is taking in 5 studetns staring Tuesday (private school, but tuition is, of course, waived for these kids). I'm sure we will see people all over my town and yours who are relocating and need help. If the student enrollment in my classes exceeds what we normally deem as acceptable, I'll find a way to deal with that.

I'm not burying my head in the sand, but I don't want to get bogged down in what I can't change. I come to this board every day to be inspired by survivors and the good hearts of everyone here. Those are the stories that I would like to hear more about in the media right now.

Now I need to climb off my soapbox. I'm sure if I fall off of it, I could always blame Bush. :wink:

:) Kelly

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Good Grief....

Hurricane Katrina is no more a punishment from God than having Lung Cancer. One is a storm which occurs under specific meteorological conditions, and the other is a disease process that occurs under specfic physical conditions.

I believe in God. I believe he gives us the brains to think things through if we'll only use them.

And our State and Federal Governments have a lot to asnwer for re the delays in providing aid to our citizens. Mississippi is not getting the help it needs. (This falls under the "Using the Brains God Gives Us...Or Not" catagory.)

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Nothing can change what happened or how it was handled, that's in the past nothing can UNdo it.

It is heartbreaking to watch the suffering and loss of human life. I wish so bad that I could go help in some way.

These poor people are just coming out of the shock of what has happened to them and for so many the worst is yet to come :cry::cry:


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I can tell you all that the human spirit is alive and well here in Houston. We as a city have taken in tens of thousands of evacuees and the state of Texas has received over 200,000.

These people have been through so much, it must have been horrible to ride out this storm and have nothing, not even a drink of water left.

My prayers are with them....


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The Governor of the State of Minnesota has opened one of the National Guard Army Barracks and training grounds not too far from where I live to 5,000 storm refugees. They will be flying into the state and be driven to a place where there is at least safety, clean air, clean water and food. Heck. Once word gets out about just how nice this place is, a few of them might even stay awhile. That is what the governor is counting on.

Big storms have been happening for milleniums. I was not aware that God allows storms to punish world leaders. If that were the case, there would be more world leaders with some nasty plagues on them and their families... ???

I was in two hurricanes. One was Iwa in Hawaii. We had no electricity on the island of Oahu for DAYS! Just a few months later on the island of Kauai, Iniki made her mark. It was a more powerful storm for a less densely populated island, but if it hadn't been for Iwa, before her, Kauai would not have fared as well as she had.

During Iwa, a major generator had gone out on the North Shore. Eventually, things got perking up to speed again, but it took some fast thinking and slow moving to get it done. Unless we are positioned for regularly scheduled storms and know what to expect from them, we will have trouble coping with the odd storm. We, here in Minnesota, for example, are prepared for our winter ice and snow storms. Put one of those same storms in Georgia or North Florida and it is simple to see how a little snow or ice can shut everything down. Here, the plows are at their scheduled intervals, the phone calls are made to the drivers, the salt is loaded and dispensed by the tons.

Anyway. Sorry it all happened. And to our citizens. To anyone, for that matter.

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Thx for letting me know about the National Guard entering into state issue. I understand more about the running. Bureacrucy is happening all over the world, no single country can be the exception.

About the punishment topic, funny thing is, one of the assumptions/rumors is come from a US church - punishment's happened bcoz Israeli were forced to leave Gaza with the influence from US government.

I hope that this thread didn't offend you & sorry if you felt offended :oops: . God's punishment is not my thinking/thought, I was only intended to share what others may think / comment on this disaster casually. You know, there's always another angle to view a single issue. I really don't mean those victims are deserved bcoz all of them are innocent.

Sorry again :!:

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No offense taken here. Everyone is entitled to their own spiritual beliefs or lack thereof...goodness knows I was pretty messed up for way too many years of my life... (still am!). This fellow made an off the wall comment that I don't think is reflective of the way my own perceived idea of my loving God or the perceptions of most Chritians in our society.

By the way...DO SO much love the new picture of your dad! I have always loved every single one of his pictures that you post. I can tell that he was the most loving father to you! How lucky you were/are to have him for your daddy! Love it! Thanks for keeping up here, Berisa. You are one special woman also!

Cindi o'h!

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JUst to chime in at a late date, I too refuse to subscribe to the punishment of G_d theory, but I do think there's a lot of blame to go around, a tardy federal response with an especially tepid Bush response at the beginning; a lack of communication all around; an appalling failure to consider the number of people who might not be able to get themselves out of harm's way even though emergency planning had been done for years with just such an event in mind; the focus on "looters" after the extent of disaster was known (in today's NY Times, they mentioned coverage, side by side, of black "looters" and white "people looking for food")as typical of those early images; the unconscionable delays in getting food and water to people even in major places like the civic center; the shame that we have allowed such separate and decidedly unequal societies before the disaster with the result that one is rebounding while the other founders; and, not least, the responsibility we all bear, but especially the current administration with its curt dismissal of all the warnings about global warming, for the conspicuous consumption and pollution that has contributed to our current ecosystem difficulties, including the unprecedented warming of the Gulf and Caribbean which, according to so many climatologists is a major factor in the development of hurricanes.

I only hope that the generous response of the American people will lead us to begin to grapple with some of the seemingly intractable socio-economic problems that have made this terrible natural catastrophe even more devastating.

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I truely feel for these people and how they have not received the assistance as quickly as they should have. I don't agree with scattering them all across the USA. Some have never been out of their state.A lot of them have no skills unfortunately. This is all new and as all other things the newness will wear off, helping them. Where will these people be then? It is sad, in a few months or years they will be out in the street again. Unfair to them. They will not be able to support themselves in this economy and will some of them resort to unfortunate crime, prison and sadly maybe death AGAIN. They are used to living with the economy the way it is in LA.. They have never experienced any other way of living. It's all NEW to them...

Like Connie B said it's all about the money... They should have set up a small city in LA to help these people instead of scattering them across the country to places unknown to them. Would have been easier for families to re-unite...

I mean no offense to anyone. My heart goes out to all these people. I think about it and it brings me to tears... God blesses us all, nothing is his fault. He loves us...

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I don't believe God sent a hurricane anywhere. That is silly. Mother nature is out of our control.

Our government did the best it could. I have over 100 relatives in Louisiana. They are all safe and are taking in other relatives. Friday a convoy of 500 trucks were filing in to Lousiana. It was 8 miles long. Just how long do you think it took to organize that? As the previous statements said--the national guard can't come in until the state calls them. My brother is a judge and in charge of the county tax budget in Corpus Christi,Texas. He has been in meetings for 3 long days.... They are now ready to take in thousands of hurricane sufferers. Unfortunately, all this takes time to organize and put in action.

It is terrible people suffered and it isn't over. Many families are missing some members. We can only pray and give donations.

This is America and this is the only country I would want to live in.

Nancy C

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It's easy to say good response, let the people organizing it sit in the sun, not drink or eat until all the people in Louisianna are eating, drinking in a safe place and comfortable. This should be thought about and organized BEFORE it happens, not after.

What happens if we have a major problem in every city. Are we ready for it? Can the whole USA be taken care of, or are we an after thought. Our government officials are protected.

This is not addressed to anyone, just my thoughts...

No personal intent...

FEMA is not doing their job. It took the mayor of New Orleans to get on national TV before anything was done... This is not right...

I am sick of all the lies we are told. My eyes are WIDE open...

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