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Unfortunately, much sooner than I hoped. Kens scans on Thurs. showed progression in the liver after 2 rounds of chemo. We don't even know how many tumors there are, the doctor said between 8 and 12 and that he could tell by looking at the scan they were worse.

He is also getting Avastin. Right now we are committed to pay for it. The good news was that we get a discounted price from $30,000 a treatment to $11,000 each. They put us on a payment plan, $600/month. Of course after the next one in 3 weeks it will be $1,200/month and so on. Once Medicare denies it we can appeal to Genentech for the replacement drug. Apparently, we have to have the denial first.

On the way to the hospital Ken said he hated getting scans since they were always bad news. I tried to be optimistic, I really thought the chemo would work at least for awhile. I know a lot of people are on Tarceva. Has anyone had liver mets that Tarceva has helped? It just amazes me that nothing has even slowed down the liver tumors, it is really scary. He will have a scan after 2 months on the Tarceva. If it does not at least stop the progression the only thing left is to try to find a clinical trial that he could go into. If anyone knows of any trials that might be appropriate please let me know.

Thank you.

Karen H

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Dear Karen,

I am heartbroken reading your post. Unfortunately I have no info regarding any chemo or anything else that may prove helpful to you. I just wanted you to know that I will keep you guys up at the top of my prayer list...the one requesting miracles. That is about all I can do.

Maybe try checking the NIH website. There may be trials listed there. In fact, I know there are some. Don't know if any fit your bill, though.

Please try to stay positive a while longer. Let us all really pray and see what the new regimen may do.

(((Karen and Ken))),


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I'm so sorry to hear about everything you two are going through. Just having to deal with being sick is enough besides having to deal with those kind of expenditures. Have you tried SS disability? I know that lung cancer is on the prequalify list of illnesses. Believe me , I don't want to stick my nose in where it doesn't belong but maybe there is some other outlet to help you. I know in November Social Security is starting a medicaid presciption plan. I don't know what is covered under it.

Good Luck and let me know if I can help.

P.S> What about VA hospitals? I see he is a vet.


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I am so sorry things aren't going quite the way you hoped. But I hope the Tarceva will work well for you.

I think it just STINKS that you have to add financial stress to the emotional stress. It's just so unfair. Hopefully, you'll get the insurance denial very soon and won't have to worry about it every month!

Contact the Patient Advocate Foundation (just type it in Google) and see if they will help you will your co-payments in the meantime.

Sending caring thoughts your way,


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Karen, so sorry to hear that news wasn't what we were all praying for. Hopefully, you can get all of the paperwork you need and get someone to help you out with all these expenses. I am praying that this treatment will kick this monster in the butt!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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Hi Karen,

So sorry to hear the lastest news about Ken. Hopefully, the Tarceva will work its magic.

Meanwhile, I hope there is some why that financial burden will be lifted off of you guys. That has to be so difficult.

There has to be help out there somewhere for funding for medicines that are so outreageous expensive.

Mega prayers sent.


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