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I'm very thankful for this website

Hope J.

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I found this site several months ago (probably in April).

I've been lurking ever since, but now I decided I really would like to participate and interact.

So many of you are so courageous and I have kept you all in my prayers through these last few months when I came here to read and become informed.

My friend was dx in April '03 with 3rd stage sm.cell lung cancer, I believe it has spread but how bad we don't know yet. She has had 3 chemo treatments and they want to try and take out part of her lung and lymph nodes.

She's been having headaches though and they are worried it has spread to her brain.

She's scheduled for more tests now to determine that...this is such a horrible disease robbing people in the prime of their lives.

She's a fighter, and I'm a fighter - I want to help her live everyday she can to the fullest. I also am trying to be a big support to her worried husband and kids.

This week we'll know more about how tough a battle it's going to be :(

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You sound like a wonderful friend! Your strength will help her, your friendship will inspire her and your dedication will bring hope to her family. Welcome to the board! I am so glad you decided to post!

:D Thanks for the Welcome KatieB!

I love the picture of you and your dad, he looks like he's got a great personality and you are wonderful to read here too....

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Hi Hope,

I think its great that you are there for your friend and her family. I have a cousin that I confide in every day, she seems to be there for me no matter what. I also have a wonderful husband for support. My point is being able to truly rely on someone during this very difficult journey will help your friend and her family more than you know. Welcome!

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Hi Hope,

am so glad your friend has a great friend like you. it is so hard for most individuals to go through cancer without support.

Should the cancer have spread to the brain, and you don't know that yet, there are four ways to try and stop it and most are successful. my husband had whole head radiation and as of two weeks ago, he belongs to the empty head club. When they decided to do the radiation, i thought it wouldn't work, but again i was wrong. i am so happy to be wrong when it comes to this desease and all the many ways to stop cancer in its tracks.

Good luck to your friend.

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