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Hey y'all..


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Just checking in to let you guys know that mom's leg is completely numb, so she can't walk. We met with her radiosurgeon today and after hours of spine and brain MRIs, the Dr. says it is either swelling in one of her old mets or it is growing again. He placed her back on decradon, 4mg 2 times a day and ordered her a walker. Now, if you guys remember at all from her last round of decradon, please please pray for our family, especially my stepdad. He was kidding with her and said he was going to get a lock for his bedroom door. She is very positive that the steroids will remedy her walking problem very soon, but jokes about finding a sale on groceries and how we better stock up now!! Let's hear it for her positive attitude and strong will. I certainly hope it will override her body not cooperating!

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Hope the leg numbness stops soon and the decadron is kind. Fingers crossed this will work out well and mom will be able to get off the steroids after a short time!

(I need to go back and find your old posts and refresh my memory about why your step-dad needs to lock the bedroom door! :wink: )


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Hoping the swelling and numbness goes away quickly so that perhaps they can cut her dosage a bit. I know 8 mgs. daily had me at the brink of self-destruction or something worse. :shock:

I've been tolerating 4 mgs daily for the past two weeks...and come Friday, I get to start weaning off.

Hope your mom gets to wean down soon too. Oral Decadron is miserable stuff.

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Thanks for the prayers. They along with the high dose of decradon have helped her walking some. She walked to the bathroom by herself holding onto furniture. She is so determined! I asked her to wait and take it easy at least until tomorrow. A fall could result in another fracture (she has one on her spine, T-9). The radiosurgeon called today and said that the MRI confirmed her last CT scan that the spine met is gone and they do see the fracture only now. That was great news. Anyhow, I tend to agree with you Addie. I mean, they have to wean you off of the steroids, but start you off full blast. I hope they can get her to 4mg per day instead of 8. Maybe that cold do the trick without all of the emotional stuff being so severe. Love, Lori

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You and your mom are in my prayers , always. Steroids are the drug that you love to hate... that's what I have heard. The are the only drug available to do some things.. they can do things just short of miraculous, but there can be a price to pay. I will pray your mama will tolerate them well and they will do the trick.



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