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For Dean Carl


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I'm going to miss you Dean.

You died on the same date my dad died. This is just one of the reasons you will be remembered by me for the rest of my life. But mostly, you will be remembered for the support and friendship you gave willingly here, I will remember you as an artist and for being the one who taught me that it takes great courage and love to walk down the "Path less travelled."

Here is the photo you gave to me last year. It's one of my favorites of all the ones you did.

My prayers are going out today for your family and all those who loved you.


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Dean had so much wisdom and talent but mostly Dean had a true appreciation of this world and its splendor.

As this dear man left this earth, a new baby was born. My grandaughter, Carly Roberts Nalitt, was born at 6:26 pm yesterday. May Dean's qualities be passed to this dear baby's heart and soul.

She was also named for another fine man, my Father Edward Roberts who died in 1950.

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Such a gorgeous photo, Katie. I'm sure you must treasure it.

And Miss Ginny...YOU, A GRAMMA?? :shock: You are much too young looking....but hearty congrats for this little miracle of the cycle of Life.

May little Carly have many blessings in her life, not the least of which is her Grammy Ginny! :)

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