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Getting to Know You - September 7


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If I had the time I would...

Finish painting the inside of my house, cook homecooked meals, clean the house top to bottom...

But for me, if I had the time, I would write a book. If I had the time and my brain began to work again, that is.

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Get our house repairs done--do what I could myself (with Charlie's guidance) and spend the rest of the time getting bids, hiring, supervising, etc. Of course, I would need a lot of cash, too. That's what I should have used some of the $1M from a previous question for. Sorry English majors--don't have time to figure out how to fix the previous sentence! At least I know it's "bad" sentence. LOL!

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If I had more time.....

I would sit and watch the wonders of the world instead of just passing them by because I have to be somewhere else,

I would talk to my children more,

I would walk more,

I would have spent more time with those I love who have passed.

I would write letters and not just make phone calls.

I would take better care of myself.

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