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here is the article about me.


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Yo, Batman....you keep up that positive "live every day" attitude...because you can bet that is part of why you're still perking along, doing so well.

And now, of course, you are FAMOUS, too! :D That is really a terrific and hopeful and encouraging article for anyone with l.c. to read. Thanks for sharing it with all of us here.

Now....get to the Batmobile. I think your Batphone is ringing! :wink:

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Holy carumba, Batman! Great article!!!

You really came across as an individual, a real human being and not as a statistic or a "patient!" That's what's needed - that human face on this disease. Thank you for representing lung cancer survivors so well, Ray!


P.S. You sure you can't handle the Super Warrior handle? Sounds pretty awesome to me! 8)

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Well, turkey poop!! :?:?

Kasey, it really was a great article about Ray...so I hope that at some point, he can repost or link to it.

I guess your 15 minutes of "fame" are up, huh Ray? :wink:

That's okay. You came closer to it than most of us do :roll: ....fame, that is. Even more important, you're still here and doing well...so keep that up, please.

Far as we're concerned here...you're still a "star"! :D

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