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Hair loss questions


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Everyone has been so helpful...I haven't been posting a lot of response to other posts, because I'm still a newbie to all this, but thank you. My mom is starting to lose her hair, and she's purchased a wig. But, she asked me what she should do about her eyebrows because she says the hairs are starting to fall out (she's very concerned about her appearance). I saw a site that specialized in stuff for cancer patients and they actually had glue-on eyebrows or semi-permanent tatoo eyebrows. My mom asked me to ask some women on here what they did? Did you just pencil, or purchase some product like what I mentioned above?

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call the ACS to see if they offer a program in your area called...."look good, feel better".

For attending you get about $250 worth of cosmetics, plus advice on how to apply make-up...a real lesson from your kit. All great name-brands donated by mfgs.

Also, will get help on applying eyebrow pencil, etc.

Wig selection, scarves, hats and all that goes with feeling better about our losses. I had a good group that I was with when I went through it. It was like dress-up day and playing make-up.

It was a value to me.

Cindi o'h

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The ACS program is very good. Otherwise let your mom know that a lot of women have pencilled brows; many like my grandmother plucked so heavily when they were young they had to pencil in when they grew mature. It can be done very skilfully, not like when I do it :? so it hardly looks pencilled at all.

Also, the brows and lashes don't necessarily follow the hair. Don't fret until it happens!



Chin up, Mom!

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I've been pencilling my brows since the late 70's when I went thru a series of eye operations and lost most of them then.

And then I got cancer and my hair started falling out after the first cycle of chemo and you know what? I WAS DELIGHTED not to have to pencil those dang things on anymore! 8) They would have looked silly without any hair on my head!

I still put on eye liner and some shadow...but I have about 6-8 hairs on each brow...little tufts in the middle above the inside corner of my eyes. :? But hey...I'm still bald too...so painting on eyebrows isn't going to fool anyone.

I'm kind of hoping if/when I get my hair back (I'm finishing round two of brain rad so they tell me it may NOT come back :? ) that I will be so used to no eyebrows that I never again start painting them on.

The eyeshadow and liner though???? That stays!

I've heard others speak highly of the Look Good, Feel Good program (if that is the right name for it) but for me...at my age...after 8 years in my early 30's looking like a frog with Graves Disease and all those eye operations....I could give a rip! :D

And come Halloween....I'm not even gonna need a costume! :wink:

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Chemo made me lose my hair and i lost my left eyebrow but not the right one. Since i wear glasses it did not bother me but i did laugh when i looked in the mirror without my glasses. Looked kind of funny (to me anyway) Wigs are good. Since the chemo threw me into menopause the wigs would make me even hotter than I already was. I preferred hats cause they allowed more circulation of air. Each person has their own comfort zone and things they like better. As different ones have suggested, the cancer centers offer the look good, feel good meetings. Your mom may really enjoy a new look. My daughter and daughter in law went with me to pick out wigs and hats before i lost all my hair. We made a fun trip out of it with lots of laughing. I took pics of the girls in hats and wigs and they did that for me. It is a great memory for me and I think for them also. will be praying your mom will look at this as a challenge and enjoy trying out all kinds of new items. pammie

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