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on Friendship

cindi o'h

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I tell ya, this is the best place to meet people. I have been pretty darn lucky to meet up with so many good ones! You all rock!

J.C. caught my eye very soon after I started to read here last Sept. She had just announced she was going on a trip to see a friend in another province, I think. A long trip, at any rate.

Then I remember seeing her photo that she had added that looked like she had just been shot. All full of bruises but with a big smile/grin. That was after one of her encounters with her cowboy surgeon. The last encounter to be sure.

Well, this J.C. has been keeping me perking along most everyday with her emails that usually, but not always have me in stitches myself. She is full of the dickens! I am so glad that we have become good pals. I get such a kick out of her and her nonsense! She knows how to live!

I told her we need to start planning for a cruise. Which I know we will end up doing, by the way! Right Jackie?

She emails me back. Yes, an Alaskan Cruise. With fur bikinis!

Can you believe her? You just gotta pay attention to J.C. She is a sly one and can slip through if you are not careful to watch her!!!

Thank you, J.C. for all of your support of me, your prayers, your candles, your polar bears, and kittens! And sable bikinis for our Alaskan Cruise! We will do it up in style when the time is right!

love to all!

Cindi o'h

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This is such a lovely post about your friend and ours , JC. She sounds like the friend to have and I'm glad you have her, but I have to say that I think JC is a lucky gal too.. she has you. She not only has the friendship of one of the most caring, loving members of this board, but she has a friend that owns a Pub too. Wow, how cool is that. :wink:

Luv ya Cindi,


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oh you two girls!

And Becky...what the heck??? Those are so purdy... we will have everyone wanting to pet our patches! how cool is that???

Jackie insists on sable, but I can make do with mink. The black fox sure is a cute one but yellow on a cruise seems appropriate! We will have a grand time whichever we choose!

Whaddaya think, J.C.? can you fill one of those out?

love, Cindi o'h

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Forgot to log out this morning,

just back from volunteer work now,

wanted to find out about Beth,

so sorry about her.

Thank you Cindi,

but I have to give it back to you,

you really brighten my life, yes the

jokes and laughter is there as we all

need it to go through hard days.

I still would like the sable bikini,

but the black fox that Becky has on

display is really very nice,

it will go well with my blue fox coat,

after all I have to cover the wrinkles

and the scars.

I will have to hone on my cruising

knowledge (both kinds) before I can


Love to you and all.


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