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JUSTAKID... Beth Yenney

cindi o'h

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Our dear little sweetheart, Beth, passed peacefully away this morning at 6 o'clock.

I had gotten an email from Kurt last night that Beth had not been doing well at all. He said that she had a bad weekend and that she was hospitalized Monday with failure of her lungs. He said that she was home and that hospice was called in but was not expected to make it through the night. He said that she stirred enough to say her final goodbyes to her two children, Kirstin and Kyle and to him. He said that she put up "one HELL of a fight".

Beth will be remembered by so many of us here for her quick wit and her fighting spirit. I can say I was very fortunate to become close to Beth through emails back and forth for days on end that spanned the course of a year. We had become pretty good friends via the internet. She was a gentle soul who loved her family. Her children meant the world to her. She counted herself very lucky to have them in her life. The thought of leaving them was devastating to her. Hence, the hard-fought battle.

Never a more courageous or harder fought battle have I seen. She tried everything she could do to win this war.

Beth was a sensitive soul. We had a lot of fun back and forth and some good and serious talks as well. I was not and still am not good at talking about my problems. But with Beth, my little hints of struggles she was keen to. She helped me to open up and talk about them with her. I trusted her completely. She was a wonderful friend.

The last few months she has been quiet. She was struggling hard, I know. I would continue to write to her and every once in awhile, I would get a couple of lines out of her. I knew she was not doing well at all. And that she didn't want to "burden" me with her troubles. She was ill. Poor dear.

God carry this family through this difficult time. Show them mercy. And above all, Cradle our sweet Beth in your gentle arms, let her see how great your love for her is. And let this be the reward be sufficient for all the pain and suffering that she has gone through.

Cindi o'h

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Beth's humor and her spunk and how hard she fought thru so many awful side effects during her battle...will resonate here for a long, long time.

My deepest condolences to her family. If WE will miss her spark and her *funny business*...think how much her family will miss it. :(

Awww, Bethie dear...there is a funny lady appearing in Heaven now...first stage on the left...and honey, you'll have 'em rolling in the aisles...I mean clouds.

We're gonna miss you....but you know, there is a little comfort in knowing you don't have to fight so hard anymore. You were much too young to leave us, it's true....but to think of you relaxed, at peace, being your funny self with out pain or struggle...well, like I said, there is some comfort in that.

Godspeed, Justa......

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We lost a really wonderful person here who posts were so funny and enlightening.

There is such a void here since she stopped posting. Now I can't believe that we will never hear from our Beth again.

She was so couregeaus, and faught one hel- of a battle. She may have lost the war but not the battle. She faught so hard.

I am going to miss her so much.

Rest in peace our dear Beth.

My condolences to her family for this tragic loss.


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