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Re: no more treatment


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Hi to you all,

thanx again for all the advice and support from my last posting :D

Mum saw her onc yesterday and because she has had nausea all the way through this cycle he has organised a brain scan for next Tuesday. (apparently one of the symptoms for mets to the brain is nausea) He is also organinsing a chest xray to see how things are going there, no talk of bone xray :?:

He also told mum that he thinks doing the last cycle of chemo will help so she is there this morning beginning her last cycle (7 hours today followed by 2 - 1hour session for the next two weeks.

I will be going up to visit with her within the next hour, so I will send her your best wishes.

I will keep you all posted.

Take care and thanx again.

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hi you little sheila!

glad your mum saw the onc. again. Too bad about the nausea. There are meds that can help with that.

As far as I know, they don't bone scan after the chemos here, but I may be wrong.

For myself, after my treatment, I had another CT scan of the chest abdomen and pelvis along with a PET scan. There was significant impovement at that time and it looked as if the cancer may have been resolved. All that showed up were happy little elves where the cancer used to be!!!

Good luck with the scans afterward. Maybe my cohorts here could help enlighten as far as their re-staging screening exams were concerned....???

Were they chest xrays, guys?

love, Cindi o'h

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